‘Counting On’: Why Some Fans Want the Duggars to End the Show

If you’ve been following the Duggars since they first appeared on television in TLC’s 19 Kids and Counting, you’ve seen Michelle and Jim Bob Duggar raise their many children. Watching the Duggars navigate life with such a big family made it hard to stop staring at the TV screen, even as they did everyday tasks like grocery shopping and laundry.

Now the kids are all grown up with families of their own, and they have a show called Counting On. The Duggars are interesting to watch—or are they? Some fans say it’s time for Counting On to end. Here’s what they’re saying about the show.  

Some fans think the Duggars have gotten boring

Duggar family| D Dipasupil/Getty Images for Extra
Duggar family| D Dipasupil/Getty Images for Extra

There are some Counting On viewers who have had their fill of the show. One viewer on Reddit said there isn’t much more to talk about when it comes to the Duggars. There’s so much you can film about the Duggar pregnancies, courting, and engagements, and the show seems to have run out of interesting story lines, according to him. Here’s what Redditor cupofsecrets had to say:

This season was especially boring. I had about four episodes left on my DVR and I watched them all in 1/30 hours? Between the recaps, the coming ups before every commercial, and the babies, there’s a lot to fast forward… The show has gotten so, so bad lately. It’s so boring, there’s no material to work with. Part of the reason being that most of the characters we care about (the older girls) have nothing new going on anymore apart from a new pregnancy and the possibility of Jana getting into a courtship but that gets boring quickly. Been there done that.

Other fans are tired of hearing about Jana Duggar

Jana Duggar is the eldest unmarried member of the Duggar family. Consequently, some episodes have focused a lot of Jana. There are fans who have grown tired of her story. Redditor maggiemazz29 agrees with the other viewers that the producers really need to switch things up a bit or just be done with the show. “The Duggar offspring viewers feel like they “know” are all married and parents except Jana. After TLC played up the Jana angle this season, only to have it come to nothing, if she ever does find someone it’ll be almost anti-climactic,” she said.

Viewers think watching the Duggars’ smaller families is less interesting than watching one big family

Another reason fans think the Duggars aren’t worth watching anymore is because the families are now divided up. Instead of watching a family of 21 go about their daily lives, viewers are now watching families of four and five do normal things. Some viewers don’t want to watch this. Redditor cupofsecrets explains why:

I think the thing killing the show the most is that most of us started watching to see the ins and outs of a big family, but the people in that big family grew up and had families of their own and now we’re watching those little families. These people are boring, and it has become painful to watch them do normal [things]. See how a family of 20 does laundry, cook meals, and travel? That’s semi-interesting. See a family of four do it? Well, that’s just painful.

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