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If you want to go on an adventure with this floppy-eared elephant, subscribing to Disney’s streaming platform, Disney+ is a pretty safe bet. Is the original, animated version of Dumbo available on Disney+? Is the 2019 remake available for binge-watching? Here are a few classic films available on this streaming platform.

People visit an exhibition with the theme of movie 'Dumbo' at Times Square
People visit an exhibition with the theme of movie ‘Dumbo’ at Times Square | Hong Shaokui/China News Service/Visual China Group via Getty Images

Disney first premiered its animated classic in 1941

Along with animated films like Bambi and Fantasia, Disney premiered Dumbo in the 1940s, starting a legacy of beloved animated films. This movie included lovable characters like Dumbo, his mother, and one of his friends, Timothy. Since the movie’s premiere, viewers returned year after year, going on adventures with this flying elephant.

The company since remade this animated movie, including actors like Danny DeVito, Alan Arkin, and Colin Farrell in its cast. The character also included a few new motifs, including a science-loving protagonist, Milly Farrier. The film was directed by Tim Burton and since earned the company millions in box office sales.

“I felt comfortable with this movie,” Tim Burton said during an interview with IndieWire. “Making a live-action [film] is a different thing. You are always trying to find the right tone. I tried to get actors who look weird to fit with the animated elephant.”

Is the original version of ‘Dumbo’ on Disney’s streaming platform, Disney+?

If you love pink elephants and a helpful mouse named Timothy, subscribing to Disney+ is your best bet. The 1941 animated film, Dumbo, is available with this subscription service. A few of Disney’s original animated films are available on this streaming platform. That includes some of the studios’ first hits, from Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs to Bambi to Fantasia.

Dumbo even includes controversial scenes including the crows. According to Screenrant, the caption of this animated film including a warning, which reads, “This program is presented as originally created. It may contain outdated cultural depictions.”

Controversial scenes in other Disney+ movies have since been removed in remakes, including one song by the Siamese Cats in Disney’s remake of The Lady and the Tramp. However, some fans are wondering if the recently remade version of Dumbo is available on Disney+.

Is the 2019 adaptation of ‘Dumbo’ available on Disney+?

There’s good news for fans of this lovable elephant. The live-action adaptation of Dumbo, released in Spring 2019, is available on this streaming platform. Some movies have since been remade into live-action adaptations exclusively for Disney+. That includes the reimagined version of The Lady and the Tramp, which premiered on the service at its launch date.

This film is one of many released in 2019 that are already available for binge-watching. Marvel movies including Captain Marvel and the record-breaking Avengers: Endgame are on Disney+, along with the remade version of Aladdin, starring Will Smith, Mena Massoud, and Naomi Scott. Additionally, other movies produced by Disney, such as Toy Story 4 and The Lion King, are expected to hit this streaming platform within the coming months.

Both the live-action and animated versions of Dumbo are available for streaming on Disney+. To learn more about Disney’s streaming platform and to subscribe, visit their website