‘DWTS’: Why Chaka Khan Was Keo Motsepe’s Worst Celebrity Partner

Sometimes professional dancers and celebrity partners don’t mix well on Dancing with the Stars. Dancers probably can rank their celebrity partners because of this. This is why Keo Motsepe said Chaka Khan was his worst, and she called doing the show a “faux pas.” 

Chaka Khan competed on ‘Dancing with the Stars’ Season 21

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The singer has some amazing dance hits, so it was exciting to see her on the dance floor for season 21. Sadly, she didn’t last very long at all.

She did the Cha-Cha-Cha to “I Feel for You” for the first episode. She got a total score of 13. Her second dance was the Foxtrot to “Chicago (That Toddlin’ Town).” That time her score was 15, but then she was eliminated.

“It’s been great fun,” she said in her elimination interview. “I’ve learned a lot about myself.” She mentioned her stage fright, which she struggled with before the competition. 

Chaka Khan explained she usually deals with it by choosing two hit songs to start her performances and get acclimated. “I don’t have any time to acclimate here. You have a few seconds to acclimate,” she said.  The singer also apologized to Motsepe for getting eliminated so quickly.

Why Chaka Khan was Keo Motsepe’s worst celebrity partner

Chaka Khan and Keo Motsepe stand on stage at ABC's "Dancing With The Stars" Live Finale Event
Chaka Kahn and Keo Motsepe attend ABC’s “Dancing With The Stars” Live Finale Event | Earl Gibson III/Getty Images

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Motsepe was asked who was his worst celebrity partner so far. He named Chaka Khan, but he had an interesting reason for it.

“I’ll say, Chaka Khan,” he told Us Weekly. “I’m going to get a call from her! I remember asking her, ‘Why do we have to rehearse like at 11:00 p.m.? Like every night!’ And she goes, ‘That’s when I started working.’”

The professional dancer continued, “That’s when she starts recording her music, and I was like, ‘Oh, so you sleep during the day? So, your morning is, like, South African time, pretty much?’ And she goes, ‘Yes, honey!’ … So, I had to adjust my schedule, you know? ‘Cause I was like, ’Wow.’ … It was just a challenging season.”

Chaka Khan said doing the show was a ‘big faux pas’

Chaka Khan might agree with her former dance partner. She told the Washington Post, doing the show was a “big faux pas.” The songwriter also said it was harder behind the scenes. 

“I have my regrets and most of them are private, ones that happened behind the scenes, because it was worse behind the scenes than in front of the camera,” she said. “I was calling it ‘Dancing Behind Bars.’”

It sounds like the former partners both agree that wasn’t a great season. Motsepe also had Lolo Jones, Charlotte McKinney, Jodie Sweetin, Charo, Barbara Corcoran, Jennie Finch Daigle, Evanna Lynch, and Anne Heche, partners.