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 Brian Austin Green has been paired with several different women since his split from his wife, Megan Fox, but none of the relationships have seemed to stick. Meanwhile, Fox has been dating rapper Machine Gun Kelly (Colson Baker) since she and Green split. Now, fans are speculating that Green could be dating Dancing with the Stars pro Sharna Burgess.

Sharna Burgess
Sharna Burgess | Rodin Eckenroth/Getty Images

Brian Austin Green and Megan Fox’s split

Fans first started to think that there may be trouble with Fox and Green when pictures of Fox and Baker together began surfacing.

On the May 18 episode of Green’s podcast, With Brian Austin Green, he revealed that he and Fox were done.

“I will always love her,” he said. “And I know she will always love me and I know as far as a family what we have built is really cool and really special.”

At the time, the two planned to keep things cordial and “still do family vacations and holidays as a family and really make that a focus for the kids.”

Green was extremely hurt by the split.

“It sucks when life changes and something that you’re used to, that you’ve been doing for 15 years, you try and not get rid of but you change,” he said. “There’s the unknown aspect…there’s that pit in my stomach. I really don’t want Megan and I to be at odds…she’s been my best friend for 15 years and I don’t want to lose that.”

When they split, Green was aware of Baker and the budding relationship between him and Fox.

“She met this guy, Colson, on set…I’ve never met him…Megan and I have talked about him,” Green said.

“I trust her judgment, she’s always had really good judgment,” he continued. “I don’t want people to think her or he are villains or that I was a victim in any way.”

Are Brian Austin Green and Sharna Burgess dating?

As Fox and Baker have been getting closer, Green has been spotted out with several women, including Tina Louise and Courtney Stodden. But now, fans are drawing their attention to the potential between Burgess and Green.

Burgess recently revealed to  Us Weekly  that she was seeing someone.

“I actually am not on the market anymore. But it’s very new and very, you know, it’s dating, essentially,” she told the outlet. “No one’s calling us a relationship yet.”

But she kept pretty quiet about her beau’s identity.


Brian Austin Green Just Got Candid About Megan Fox’s Relationship With Machine Gun Kelly

“I thought that when I met someone, I would be like scream it from the mountain tops,” she said. “And it’s actually, it’s almost the opposite. I want to hold it close to me for just as long as I can to stay in this space and just enjoy that human for as much as I can.”

Recently, the two were seen at LAX together preparing for what appeared to be a vacation. According to pictures obtained by The Daily Mail, the two were dancing together in the security line. Though they both were wearing face masks, they were easily spotted.

Neither has commented on the status of their relationship.