‘Dynasty’: Joan Collins Once Said She Saw the Cast’s ‘Dislike’ for Her in Her First Scene

There can be a downside to your character getting added to a TV show later, and that could be not fitting in with your cast members. At least that was the case for Joan Collins when she joined Dynasty. She talked about what it was like to film her first scene and more.

Joan Collins joined ‘Dynasty’ in season 2

Linda Evans, John Forsythe, and Joan Collins of 'Dynasty'
Linda Evans, John Forsythe, and Joan Collins of ‘Dynasty’ | Walt Disney Television via Getty Images Photo Archives/Walt Disney Television via Getty Images

Collins’ character, Alexis Colby didn’t make her entrance until the end of season 1. Her first full episode happened in the premiere of season 2.

Alexis came in to be a witness in her husband, Blake Carrington’s (John Forsythe) trial. She went on to get into fights with other characters, and marry other men in later years.

There were rumors throughout that time that Collins didn’t get along with other cast members. Collins opened up about the filming of her first scenes with them.

She noticed their dislike for her in her first scene

Collins talked about the cast not liking her in an interview with Attitude in 2019. She claimed she knew they didn’t like her from the start.

“The first scene I did, which was me sitting in the defendant’s box in court, being interviewed by a fabulous actor called Brian Dennehy, and staring at the whole cast who were looking at me. I looked at them and I saw their dislike,” she said.

“I saw, sitting in the audience, John Forsythe as Blake, Linda [Evans] as Krystle, Pamela Sue Martin as Fallon. Then John James, he was playing Jeff Colby, who I felt an affinity with,” she explained. “He was the only one who gave me the vibe of, ‘I like you, Joan.’ Because I felt that the others didn’t.”

The star’s first scene with Evans was Alexis yelling at Krystle. She claimed that didn’t put them on the right foot either.

“At the end, she said, ‘Oh my God, that was so real. Did you mean it?'” Collins claimed. “I said, ‘Linda, it’s called acting’. From then on, she felt that I didn’t like her, and she didn’t like me.”

There was a rumor they got hurt filming a fight scene years later


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Collins and Evans worked again by touring for a play called, “Legends” in 2006. Things reportedly got too physical between them.

“Joan ended the tour with a sprained knee, a scar on her hand and almost choked to death,” her rep told Page Six. “Evans kicked Joan’s hand so hard that she now has a permanent scar and cannot wear a ring on her right hand. And she spent five weeks in therapy when Evans took it too far and allegedly pushed her off the stage.”

The play’s producer, Ben Sprecher denied this. He claimed Collins was supposed to shove Evans onto a couch, but Evans’ foot touched her hand. Collins was then scared to do it so they changed the scene and Sprecher was unaware of Collins being injured.

It sounds like the actors tried to recreate the magic that was in their Dynasty fight scenes. But still didn’t see eye to eye years later.