Egypt Criss Announces That She’s Quitting ‘Growing up Hip Hop’

Egypt Criss and Sam Mattick have been the talk of reality television series, Growing up Hip Hop, all season. Now, after an altercation following a recent episode, Criss, who is the daughter of Salt-n-Pepa‘s Pepa Denton, says she is “resigning” from the show.

Egypt Criss
Egypt Criss | Santiago Felipe/Getty Images

Egypt Criss and Sam Mattick have been controversial this season

The relationship between Criss and Mattick has arguably been the biggest storyline of Growing Up Hip Hop during this season. They have been controversial because many of Criss’ friends and fellow cast members are not fans of Mattick. All season, they have been trying to vet Sam to make sure he is who he says he is and cares about her.

Many of the cast members say that Criss, who was barely in any drama since the show’s inception, has changed since she got with Mattick. In spite of all the naysayers, the Criss and Mattick have remained together and seem to be going strong, despite all the things that everyone has said about them.

Things reached a boiling point on last week’s episode when Criss had a physical confrontation with her cast member Briana Latrise. The two have been at odds this season because Latrise does not like Mattick. When Criss and Latrise talked about their situation, things got heated and Criss hit Latrise in the face. Criss and her father, Naughty By Nature’s Treach, have seemingly recorded a diss track aimed at Latrise as well.

She announces that she won’t be returning to the show

In messages on social media, Criss seems to believe she is being portrayed in a bad light on the show. In a tweet and Instagram post, Criss said that she won’t be back.

She wrote on both platforms, “I respect myself enough to walk away from anything that no longer serves me, grows me or makes me happy. It’s time for me to rise from the ashes from being falsely represented to you, the people I love most, which is why I have decided to resign from Growing Up Hip Hop.”

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Mattick announced back in February that he would not be on the show’s next season. Criss and Mattick aren’t the only cast members to say they are quitting the show. Father-son duo Romeo and Master P both say they will not be returning. Denton has not announced if she would be back or not if Criss does in fact not return.