Egypt Criss Slams Briana Latrise and ‘Growing up Hip Hop’ After the Big Fallout

Egypt Criss has made a lot of headlines and stirred a lot of conversation on social media due to her storyline on this season of Growing up Hip Hop. After last week’s blowout fight with Briana Latrise, Criss has been very vocal on social media, expressing disdain for how the show depicted what happened. Recently, she spoke about the fight again and said that Latrise needs to tell the truth.

Egypt Criss
Egypt Criss | Aaron Poole/E! Entertainment/NBCU Photo Bank via Getty Images

Briana Latrise and Egypt Criss got into an altercation after being at odds during the most of the season

After being drama-free for all the other seasons of Growing up Hip Hop, Criss found herself embroiled in what may be the most drama ever on the show. Her relationship with Sam Mattick has arguably been the biggest storyline of Growing Up Hip Hop during this latest season. Her friends and fellow cast members do not approve of their relationship Mattick.

Much of the season was spent by the other cast members trying to vet Mattick and make sure he is good for Criss. One cast member in particular that spent a lot of time trying to investigate the relationship was Latrise, who said that she had Criss’ best interests in mind. Despite everything that transpired on the show, Criss and Mattick remained together and are going strong.

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Things came to a head earlier this month when Criss and Latrise had a physical confrontation. When Criss and Latrise talked about the situation, things got heated and Criss allegedly hit Latrise in the face. Criss has insisted things did not go down as portrayed on the show and that there was much more to the confrontation than what viewers saw.

Egypt Criss tweets about the situation

When the Growing up Hip Hop account tweeted the aired footage from the “fight,” calling it a “cheap shot,” Criss responded, saying, “Mmm cheap shot, show the raw footage and then Iet the audience determine that.”

She also addressed Latrise, saying, “Briana just tell the truth. You pushed me too far, I fought back and in result it left you dazed on the floor for almost 60 seconds after my fist knocked you through the glass door. #simpleasthat.”

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Criss also revealed on social media that she, like Mattick, would not be returning to the show next season. She recently doubled down on this after a fan asked if she was really going to no longer be on the series. She responded, saying, “Because people believe and promote fake liars yeah I had too.”

Growing up Hip Hop airs weekly on We TV.