Elise Neal Clarifies Comments on Will and Jada Pinkett Smith’s ‘Unhappiness’ on the Set of ‘All of Us’

As the world continues to pour over Will and Jada Pinkett Smith’s recent relationship drama, many of their celebrity peers have started to share their experiences with the power couple. Among them is actor Elise Neal who worked on their sitcom All of Us from 2003 to 2005.

She had been in a recent interview when she suggested she quit the show after their “unhappiness” seeped into the work environment and caused tension on set. However, as media coverage of her remarks increased, Neal hopped online to clarify her comments.

Ludacris, Elise Neal, and Will Smith on the red carpet
Ludacris, Elise Neal, and Will Smith on the red carpet at an event in 2005 | Steve Granitz/WireImage

What did Elise Neal say about Will and Jada Pinkett Smith?

Neal had been in an interview with Viral Hip Hop News on July 19 when she was asked about the couple’s marriage and the recent revelation that Jada dated August Alsina during a brief split from Smith.

As she spoke, she suggested she’d seen some of the friction between them on All of Us — a comedy series that was created by the Smiths and based on their blended family.

“OK, so everyone knows I was on the ‘All Of Us,’ set, right?” she began. “But here’s what I can say, without feeling like something’s going to pop me upside the head. If someone is unhappy, they spread that unhappiness to others. I wasn’t happy on that set because people treated me in a way that I could tell that they were unhappy.”

Neal said she wouldn’t judge them for the latest revelation about their marriage, but, “What I am going to judge is if I come to work for people and they bring that unhappiness on others, like myself. I felt that and received that on that set … I don’t want you to bring that on me because it’s not my fault that you’re not happy.”

Neal previously told TV One’s Life After that she left the show in 2005 when executives made budget cuts that would have resulted in a smaller salary. After her exit, All of Us continued for about two more years before being canceled in 2007.

Elise Neal reacts to reports on her comments

After the entertainment blog The Neighborhood Talk ran the headline, “Elise Neal Says Will & Jada Pinkett-Smith Bringing ‘Unhappy’ Home Life To Work Made Her Quit ‘All of Us,'” the actor took to the comment section to clarify her comments.

“Ha! Fake news,” she wrote. “I don’t do interviews to do that kids, I hate that the world wants to take 2 minutes and run with that, the interview was to Promote my Film on BET ‘ALL IN’ (aired the next day) messy ain’t me, and my peace and well being will always be most important, & I shine on always[.] y’all be blessed but get it correct ok? checkd and health and wealth to u all.”

The reactions to her statement were split. Someone else in the comment section argued, “She really looked us in the eye and told us everybody lying on her but literally just told us this info on camera.” But others said her words could have very well been twisted. “To be fair she said ‘people’ she didn’t name drop. We can just read between the ‘people’ lines,” read another comment.

Neither Neal nor The Smiths have commented on the matter.

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