‘Élite’: Is Nano Fully Exonerated of Marina’s Murder in Season 3?

The character of Nano (portrayed by Jaime Lorente) wasn’t in the recently-released third season of Élite, however, the new season had huge implications for his character. Heading into season 3, Nano was still on the hook for Marina’s murder, but the real things that happened are revealed as the episodes progress.

Jaime Lorente attends the ELITE premiere at Callao City
Jaime Lorente | Legan P. Mace/SOPA Images/LightRocket via Getty Images

Why Nano went on the run after the second season

Nano has forced to go on the run because Marina’s murder had been pinned on him. The murder weapon that Polo hit her in the head with the first season had been discarded by Christian. Samuel and their mother, Pilar, continue to try to find ways to pay his bail. If the bail wasn’t paid, he was set to stay in prison for two years before a trial.

He is released from prison but never really fits back into things due to the fact that he’s still an accused killer. He ends up having arguments with both Carla and Guzmán and tries his best to steer Samuel from being involved in criminal activity via Rebeca’s mother.

Nano ends up leaving town after talking to Samuel about leaving the country, presumably thinking his innocence would never be proved. Holding a picture of him, Samuel, and Pilar, he takes his packed bags and leaves. This effectively means that he is on the run as he still has yet to go on trial. In the season 2 finale, Cayetana, who now wields the murder weapon, ends up hiding it to protect Polo.

A beyond-the-grave confession clears the case

After Polo died, the police inspector who has investigated all of the crimes in the show thus far has a conversation with his parents. She tells them that evidence may point toward Polo being tied to Marina’s murder and that the investigation may be re-opened. The investigation resurfaces after the trophy that was used as the murder weapon shows back up and has Polo’s fingerprints on it.

His mothers go ahead and reveal all to the inspector, telling her that he confessed to him the night before he died and revealed the killed Marina. They say that he was willing to turn himself in before he died.

After this, Marina’s murder investigation is seemingly closed once again. The inspector then visits Samuel and reveals that Nano is officially cleared and he and their mother can return back. Samuel seems to not be a fan of the news and essentially tells her that their lives have been changed forever because she didn’t do her job.

After she agrees that she should have done more, he asks her if she’d like a beer, showing that this chapter of Èlite is truly closing up.

The first three seasons of Elite are currently streaming on Netflix.