Elizabeth Warren Ignores Meghan McCain During Wealth Tax Discussion and ‘View’ Fans Celebrate

As Americans fret over a potential war with Iran and the Democratic primary race gets heated, there’s a lot to talk about on The View. A January 7 visit by candidate/U.S. Senator from Massachusetts Elizabeth Warren prompted discussions about these issues and more.

Warren, of course, is no stranger to the co-hosts at The View. In a June visit, she took a moment to school Meghan McCain on the Fox News business model. During her most recent visit, the U.S.-Iran tensions and Warren’s presidential platform were the big issues.

Naturally, Warren’s wealth tax got plenty of attention. While the candidate broke down the particulars of her plan, McCain tried to grab hold of the conversation on several occasions. To the delight of countless View fans, Warren simply ignored McCain’s interruptions and kept going.

Warren didn’t stop her pitch to acknowledge McCain

Senator Elizabeth Warren is the guest today, Tuesday, January 7, 2020 on ABC’s “The View.” | ABC/Lorenzo Bevilaqua

“I think it’s time for a wealth tax in America,” Warren began to loud cheers from The View’s audience. After offering details, Warren answered a question from Joy Behar about the middle class. (She said she doesn’t plan to raise middle-class taxes at all.)

From there, Warren described the impact it would have on both childcare and education funding. That’s when McCain made her first attempt to have the discussion “change gears.” Looking directly at McCain, Warren kept unveiling details of her plan.

After another sentence or so, McCain tried to take the floor again. However, Warren didn’t cut off her pitch. She kept going until she finished her thought. In fact, Warren continued until Sunny Hostin chimed in to express her support for the plan.

At that point, McCain seemed to realize Warren had ignored her on purpose. Looking in the direction of the audience (and producers, etc.), McCain smiled. As the crowd cheered, McCain once again looked away from the desk with a grin.

Twitter users joyfully seized on Warren’s handling of McCain

If you’ve ever checked Twitter following a moment like this one, you’ve seen how fans of The View celebrate anyone who avoids playing McCain’s game (i.e., interrupting guests or co-hosts for one reason or another). And this instance certainly got those fans on the social media site.

On top of the Adam Best post that received over 125,000 likes on the subject, another by Frederick Joseph also easily topped 100,000 within 24 hours. But that’s only the half of it. The satisfaction in the replies hints at how many View fans regard McCain.

“Liz blew right past her, just kept going as if Meghan was invisible,” one Twitter user wrote in reply to Best’s post. “I think we should all take our cue from Sen. Elizabeth Warren and behave as though Meghan McCain does not exist,” another wrote, replying to Joseph’s post.

If you have time to keep scrolling these and other posts with video of the exchange, you’ll find hundreds (possibly thousands) more. In brief, the majority of The View fans on Twitter take offense to the way McCain derails conversations on a daily basis.

Those who figure out how to get their message across — disregarding McCain’s feelings — seem to win themselves a lot of new fans. Warren did just that on January 7.