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Elton John is a music legend. So it’s hard to imagine someone not knowing his music. Yet that was definitely the case for at least some of the people who saw Rocketman. Whether they were taken by loved ones or just simply wanted to see what all the fuss was about with the movie, there are definitely new Elton John fans as a result of Rocketman.

Yes, this is written from experience. Yet why is this? How does Rocketman bring new fans to Elton John’s music? Let’s examine this phenomenon and get into the possible reasons for it.

How does ‘Rocketman’ draw viewers in?

Elton John at the Cannes screening of Rocketman
Elton John at the Cannes screening of Rocketman | Photo by Tony Barson/FilmMagic

Yes, Rocketman is a biopic. Yet it’s a very clever one. It draws viewers into the story immediately and part of that is through its use of music. Since Elton John is a music legend, this makes sense.

Each song is woven into the story seamlessly and while some transitions between scenes can seem sudden, the music — and Elton’s character, portrayed wonderfully by Taron Egerton — is there for you through it all. Another aspect of the movie that draws the audience in is the storytelling itself. The movie is told as if Elton is remembering his life while he’s in rehab and that is how the movie starts and ends, making viewers feel that they’ve come full circle. Egerton gives a brilliant performance as Elton John, which is definitely another reason viewers are sucked into the story from the beginning.

How does ‘Rocketman’ help Elton John gain new fans?

It’s hard not to be a fan of someone after watching their life story, especially Elton John. Yet it’s not only that. The movie clearly showcases the music and makes its viewers eager for more.

After watching Rocketman, it’s hard not to listen to Elton John’s music every chance you get. Again, this is written from experience. Yet some credit belongs with the music itself. If it was not so good, no movie, no matter how good, would prompt people to listen to it.

Why is Elton John’s music so good?

Elton John at the Rocketman UK premiere
Elton John at the Rocketman UK premiere | Photo by David M. Benett/Dave Benett/WireImage

This is somewhat of a mystery. The only people who truly know, probably, are Elton John himself, and Bernie Taupin, who writes his lyrics. What we can say is that the music and lyrics are both spectacular.

The songs are truly timeless, leaving listeners of any age happy. This is also written from experience. The lyrics are beautiful and so are the melodies. There’s one thing that’s certain: there’s something special about Elton John.

While Rocketman may have helped Elton John gain some new fans, the singer has been a legend for quite some time. He will most likely continue to be a legend due to the quality of his music. As well as his upcoming autobiography, which will bring his life story to fans of all ages, just as Rocketman did.