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Elvis Presley‘s Graceland home in Memphis, Tennessee, is beautiful any time of year. However, it really comes alive during Christmastime. It was the King of Rock and Roll’s favorite holiday, and he spared no expense when decorating his home. However, did Elvis ever put up Graceland’s now-iconic Christmas decorations? His cousin Danny Smith weighs in.

Did Elvis Presley decorate Graceland for Christmas?

Christmas was the one time of year that Elvis Presley spared no expense to celebrate. He enjoyed giving gifts, the religious spirit of the holiday, and, of course, all the lights and sparkle that went with it.

In a video posted to his Memphis Mafia Kid YouTube channel, Elvis’ cousin Danny Smith discussed his love for the festive holiday season. He revealed if Elvis participated in decorating his beloved home for Christmas.

“The Memphis Mafia did not help with the decorations for Christmas,” Smith revealed. “That was done by Earl, Mike, and Albert, and if they had someone else working around part-time.”

He continued, “The electrical work was done mostly by George Coleman as far as the lights and stuff like that. No way in hell did Elvis help.”

“He didn’t supervise. When it was done, he seen it, but he wasn’t hands-on, let’s put it that way,” Smith concluded. “It just wasn’t Elvis.”

Elvis Presley adored Christmastime


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According to a story published by, Elvis Presley stuck to a routine each Christmas Day. After most of the guests who visited Graceland on Christmas Eve went to bed or home, Elvis and members of the Memphis Mafia would place Lisa Marie Presley’s gifts under the tree.

On Christmas morning, Elvis would talk about his mother and the Christmases of his childhood. He would reflect on his gratitude for his success and wait for Lisa Marie to wake up, come from her bedroom upstairs, and find her Christmas gifts.

The driveways and the main house were lined with blue lights, and in front were six 8-foot Christmas trees decorated with multi-colored lights. Graceland was completely decorated for the season, including a Christmas tree in the dining room.

Are the same Christmas decorations used today as when Elvis Presley lived in Graceland?

According to the official Graceland site, Elvis Presley purchased Graceland in the spring of 1957. On December 12 of that same year, he purchased a Santa and sleigh yard decoration that read, “Merry Christmas to All, Elvis.”

Graceland still uses that same sign today. Elvis purchased it for $300 from the Bain Sign Company of Memphis, Tenneesee.

For Christmas, Elvis asked for beautiful red drapes to decorate Graceland. When he lived there, Elvis used a white nylon Christmas tree, which rotated on its stand, and played Christmas carols. It was decorated with red ornaments.

The blue lights that lined Graceland’s driveway were a joke within the home. Elvis’ father, Vernon Presley, quipped that pilots from a nearby airport would get confused and land at Graceland.

Elvis also asked the lawn to be decorated with Santa and his sleigh, a Nativity Scene, and aluminum Christmas trees. When the company that leased the Nativity scene and aluminum trees went out of business, Graceland purchased the displays to ensure the continuation of Elvis’ holiday tradition, the site revealed.

Graceland’s holiday decorations and light displays will be up until early January 2024. Fans can see Graceland light up each night live on the GracelandCam.