‘Emily in Paris’: Why Lucas Bravo Calls Himself a Samantha Jones

Emily in Paris shows Gabriel (Lucas Bravo) being a complicated love interest. The Netflix series has some similarities to Sex, and the City and Bravo revealed why he thinks of himself as a Samantha.

‘Emily in Paris’ and ‘Sex and the City’ share the same writer

Fans of both shows might have noticed a few similarities. That’s because Darren Star is a writer and creator of both shows. Sex and the City and Emily in Paris have a main character with a unique style with Emily (Lily Collins) and Carrie (Sarah Jessica Parker). They also shared a tense love story.

Carrie and Big (Chris Noth) had a long romance that ran into several roadblocks. Big struggled to commit to Carrie. The Netflix show also has Emily falling for a chef named Gabriel, who lives in her building. However, in the first season, she finds out later that he has a girlfriend named Camille (Camille Razat).

All of this would make it harder for Emily and Gabriel to commit to each other. Bravo talked about the comparisons between the two shows and revealed why he thinks he’s a Samantha.

Why Lucas Bravo calls himself a Samantha Jones

Lucas Bravo as Gabriel wears a chef's shirt and talks on the phone in 'Emily in Paris'
Lucas Bravo as Gabriel in ‘Emily in Paris’ | Cr. Carole Bethuel/Netflix © 2021

The creator is back with new characters. But the actors on his new show are comfortable with comparisons to Sex and the City.

“Of course, it’s more modern because it’s 20 years later,” Bravo told Vanity Fair. “But it was a bit challenging because it could have been easy to be hated.”

Bravo answered if he’s a Carrie, Miranda, Charlotte, or Samantha. “I mean, Kim Cattrall…. You go to set, get naked, and make it funny! She went 200 percent!” he claimed. Bravo’s love scenes aren’t as comedic and dramatic as the love interest. But it shows Bravo would be game for Gabriel to have more funny scenes.

Lucas Bravo is Team Aidan


‘Emily in Paris’: What Lily Collins Loves Most About Her Character

Fans of Sex and the City debate to this day whether Big or Aidan (John Corbett) was the better man for Carrie. Aidan was quicker to commit to Carrie, but Carrie’s heart was with Big. Bravo revealed which man he liked more.

“I was also a fan of the show and growing up I really loved Aidan,” he told E!. “His portrayal, this kind of caveman making furniture with his stuff. Since Gabriel is also crafty and is kind of down to earth, to a certain extent, I got inspired by Aidan.”

So although there might be obvious comparisons to Big and Carrie, Bravo used Aidan as his inspiration. Fans will have to keep watching to see if the end of Gabriel’s story will play out like Aidan’s too. If so, that doesn’t bode well for Emily and Gabriel.