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Emily in Paris Season 2 saw Emily Cooper bring out the best in her French class partner, Alfie. Apparently, the actors behind Emily and Alfie had that same dynamic. In a recent interview, Lucien Laviscount opened up about being a newcomer on Emily in Paris, revealing that Lily Collins gave him the confidence he needed for the Netflix series.

[Spoiler alert: This story contains spoilers for Emily in Paris Season 2.]

Emily in Paris star Lucien Laviscount at Milan Men's Fashion Week
‘Emily in Paris’ star Lucien Laviscount radiates confidence at Milan Fashion Week | Marco Mantovani/Getty Images

Lucien Laviscount joined ‘Emily in Paris’ Season 2 as Alfie

Emily’s love life was already complicated enough after Emily in Paris Season 1, but then a new love interest joined the mix: Alfie. In season 2, Emily reluctantly partnered up with Alfie in French class. He had a cynical take on the City of Lights, which clashed with Emily’s optimistic attitude.

However, Alfie quickly changed his tune when he caught feelings for Emily. The two started a whirlwind romance, opening his eyes to the magic of Paris.

Speaking to E! News in December, Laviscount dished on how he came to join Emily in Paris Season 2. He revealed that creator Darren Star requested him for a season 2 script read, which Laviscount completed within half an hour. Before the actor knew it, he was on a call with Collins and Lucas Bravo (who plays Gabriel) and packing his bags for Paris.

Lily Collins helped Lucien Laviscount find his confidence in ‘Emily in Paris’

Being a newcomer is never easy, especially on a show like Emily in Paris, which had already developed a huge fan base and chemistry among the cast members. Thankfully, Laviscount had no trouble fitting in. He quickly formed a bromance with Bravo during filming. Additionally, Laviscount told E! that Collins was very welcoming.

“She just threw her arms open. She was just like, ‘Lucien, welcome to the family.’… [Lily] looked me dead in the eyes and was like, ‘If you need anything, we’re here for you. And that filters down from her to the rest of the cast,” Laviscount explained.

Collins was also there to help calm Laviscount’s nerves, as he revealed to Grazia.

“I felt like the new kid in school,” he said. “But Lily came up to me at the read-through and said, ‘This is going to be trouble.’ I said, ‘What does that mean?’ She said, ‘Lucien, trust me, you’ve got this.’ It gave me all the confidence.”

Will Lucien Laviscount return for season 3?


‘Emily in Paris’: Lily Collins on How Alfie ‘Perfectly’ Matches Emily

Back in January, Netflix renewed Emily in Paris for seasons 3 and 4. None of the cast members have officially confirmed their return for the new episodes, including Laviscount. However, Alfie’s status at the end of season 2 has caused some fans to wonder about Laviscount’s future with the series.

In the finale, Alfie’s banking job sent him back home to London. He asked Emily to try a long-distance relationship, but fans have yet to see if she agreed.

Laviscount admitted to Grazia that he doesn’t know what comes next. However, he does have an idea of what he’d like to see:

I’d love to see [Emily] take more of a co-ownership of [Savoir, the marketing firm]. And step into that boss role a little bit more and make some decisions. I think that’s one thing that Emily’s still really figuring out about herself. It’s sexy that she’s still at that stage but it would be nice to see her bring some deals to the table.

Emily in Paris Seasons 1 and 2 are now streaming on Netflix. Stay tuned to Showbiz Cheat Sheet for updates on season 3.