‘Emily in Paris’: The 5 Most Unbearable Characters

For a few weeks, everyone was enchanted with Netflix’s new show Emily in Paris. Starring Lily Collins, the first season of Emily in Paris proved to be the escapism we all needed amid the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic. Now that we have had time to decompress after watching Darren Star’s new show, here is a list of the five worst characters from Emily in Paris.

Lily Collins
Lily Collins | Vera Anderson/WireImage

5. Madeline is Emily’s boss

At first, Madeline seems like an exciting character, largely because she is played by Grey’s Anatomy and Private Practice‘s Kate Walsh. Unfortunately, Madeline is nothing like Addison Montgomery.

Originally, Madeline is the one who is supposed to go to Paris, as she is the senior employee in the office who actually speaks French. After Madeline discovers she is pregnant, Emily lands the unexpected job opportunity of moving to France.

While Madeline might not be unbearable, she isn’t the most exciting character. All in all, she is pretty forgettable, despite being played by the universally-adored Walsh.

4. Doug is super boring

Oh, Doug (Roe Hartrampf). Honestly, if we saw more of him, he would probably be the worst character in Emily in Paris. However, he thankfully only appears in the beginning episodes of the show.

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At the start of the season, Emily and Doug are happy and dating in Chicago. When Emily gets the opportunity of a lifetime to temporarily work in another country, Doug is less than enthusiastic. He then proceeds to bail on his plans to visit her and breaks up with her without really giving their long-distance relationship a try.

3. Brooklyn makes Emily’s life harder

Brooklyn, played by Carlson Young, only appears in the seventh episode of the first season. Emily is a huge fan of Brooklyn, an American actress, but meeting someone she is a fan of proves to be less than ideal.

For some reason, Emily is put in charge of Brooklyn’s schedule even though she is not Brooklyn’s publicist. As the night goes on, Brooklyn puts Emily’s job on the line because of her spoiled and inappropriate nature, and at times her behavior is simply cringeworthy.

2. Emily is one of the worst characters in ‘Emily in Paris’

Unfortunately, one of the worst parts of Emily in Paris is Emily herself. Naïve and arrogant at the same time, Emily moves to Paris without knowing French at all. She puts some half-hearted attempts into learning the language but makes no attempt to accept the cultural differences around her.

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On top of that, she expects everyone to speak English around her to accommodate her ignorance. Even though she does not seem that great at her job, she fails upwards anyway.

1. Antoine is the worst character on the show

In Emily in Paris, Antoine (William Abadie) is a perfumer and is having an affair with Emily’s boss, Sylvie. Frankly, Antoine is the worst Emily in Paris character because he comes across as creepy. The first time he meets Emily he smells her under the guise of smelling perfume that he made before telling her that it smells like “expensive sex” on her.

Later on, he gifts Emily lingerie, which is sexual harassment. The season ends with hints that Antoine might have invested in Gabriel’s restaurant to win over Emily’s affection because he wants to have an affair with her.