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American Horror Story stars Emma Roberts and Sarah Paulson are good friends, and Paulson even once bought a house from the former child star. Here’s what we know about the $1.65 million home the Ratched star purchased, and why Roberts said she wished she’d charged “so much more” for the property.

Emma Roberts and Sarah Paulson, who co-star on "American Horror Story," smile together at an event.
(L-R) Emma Roberts and Sarah Paulson | Rachel Luna/FilmMagic

Sarah Paulson bought her ‘American Horror Story’ co-star Emma Roberts’ house for $1.65 million

Emma Roberts and Sarah Paulson have worked together on several seasons of the anthology TV series American Horror Story. Besides being co-stars, the two actors also became close friends – close enough that Roberts sold her Hollywood Hills home to Paulson in an off-market deal for $1.65 million (per the Los Angeles Times).

The single-story minimalist home was recently renovated and overlooks the Kirkwood Bowl. It features oak finishes, skylights, and bi-folding doors. The 2,100-square-foot house has three bedrooms and three and a half bathrooms. The interior boasts a modern kitchen with Calacatta gold countertops, and a living room that opens directly to the backyard for an indoor-outdoor feel. 

While the front of the house has few windows for privacy, the back of the house has floor-to-ceiling glass windows, adding to the indoor-outdoor aesthetic. The property also has a two-bedroom guest house, complete with a gym. 


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Sarah Paulson found a hidden swimming pool at Emma Roberts’ old house

When Sarah Paulson moved into Emma Roberts’ old house, she prioritized renovating and redecorating the interior. “I haven’t done anything to the outside yet,” Paulson told Architectural Digest in April 2017. “Emma had never done anything, and it turns out that she was like, ‘You can have a pool here if you want one, it’s permitted for it.’ And I’m like, ‘Oh, great!’”

When the American Crime Story star started planning to update the exterior, she made a shocking discovery. “I had the guy come up, and it turns out there is a pool already underneath the ground!” Paulson shared. She said that Roberts had no idea about the buried swimming pool. “I just saw her the other day and I’m like, ‘Did you know you had a pool under there?’ She was like, ‘WHAT! I WOULD HAVE CHARGED YOU SO MUCH MORE MONEY!’”

The former child star has said lovely things about her ‘American Horror Story’ co-worker

Despite the discovery of the hidden pool, there were seemingly no hard feelings about the house sale, and Emma Roberts and Sarah Paulson remained good friends. In fact, Roberts heaped praise on Paulson for her directing work in season 8 of American Horror Story.

The Ratched star directed the episode titled “Return to Murder House,” in which Roberts reprised her role of the witch Madison Montgomery from season 3. 

“I feel lucky to say that I was in that episode a lot and I had the most incredible time working with her,” Roberts told Variety of Paulson in October 2018. “I’m like, I’m already giving her books that I want her to direct as movies. I think she is so talented and she just, she makes you want to do a great job and she makes you feel really creative, which I think is hard in TV sometimes.”

She continued, “Everything feels rushed, and she really just brought a level of creativity and fun that, you know, isn’t always there. So I was so excited to get to work with her. I was also just so excited for her and proud of her because, I mean, it’s hard. Acting and directing, I don’t know if I could do both. She was acting in the episode, too. I was really impressed.”