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Emma Watson’s acting resume is certainly an interesting one. She spent 10 years filming and promoting the eight Harry Potter movies. However, her projects have been pretty eclectic since she hung up her wand. From starring in indies like The Perks of Being a Wallflower to huge Disney hits like Beauty and the Beast, she’s dabbled in a bunch of genres. And while the actor admits that she doesn’t have a clear strategy for selecting roles, there are some things she avoids like the plague. One thing, in particular, is movies that require her to wear prosthetics.

Harry Potter alum Emma Watson looks over her shoulder at the BAFTAS
‘Harry Potter’ alum Emma Watson | Tolga Akmen / AFP via Getty Images

Emma Watson wore facial prosthetics in the final ‘Harry Potter’ movie

Watson’s long-time fans will recall that she’s worn prosthetics in a film before. In the epilogue of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows – Part 1, Watson had to be aged up 19 years. Creating an older-looking Hermione Granger meant that Watson wore face prosthetics for the final scene in the movie. Many Potterheads will agree that the facial prosthetics looked pretty bizarre on camera.

Daniel Radcliffe joked about how the cast looked in the ’19 Years Later’ epilogue scene

But fans weren’t the only ones who took jabs at the facial prosthetics. In HBO’s Max’s Harry Potter 20th Anniversary: Return to Hogwarts, Daniel Radcliffe made jibes about them also. He and Rupert Grint also wore them for the epilogue, and when he reunited with his fellow castmates, he made a hilarious joke about them.

“We all still look better than we do in the epilogue, which is great,” Radcliffe stated. “Like, we’ve made it in before that.” Grint and Watson seemed to agree with Radcliffe’s statement, and they gamely laughed along. But while the facial prosthetics looked bizarre, they were even more difficult to wear. In an interview with JoBlo, Watson spoke about filming the epilogue scene in Harry Potter. The Bling Ring actor called out the prosthetics as a particularly miserable part of the experience.

Watson shared that wearing prosthetics was miserable

“That was definitely a challenge; there’s so many challenges in these last two,” Watson shared about the Harry Potter epilogue. “Pretending that I had kids and acting as if they were my children was the weirdest thing, that I had children. So weird. That was a struggle. I was like, ‘Am I doing this right? How do I…?’ It was hard to know how to approach it, so I hope it looks good in the end. Prosthetics are horrible. I’m never… I’m going to avoid doing a movie with prosthetics, like my life depends on it. I’m glad I had like a taste of that experience, enough to know it’s miserable. It was obvious for me.”


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The ‘Harry Potter’ cast had to reshoot the epilogue scene

But the facial prosthetics weren’t the only challenge of filming the Harry Potter epilogue. The cast and crew were also under a time crunch. They initially tried to shoot at the real King’s Cross station during operating hours. Unfortunately, the time constraints made it nearly impossible for the cast to get a proper take. Ultimately, they were forced to film the scene a second time on their set in Leavesden.

“I think we made it very hard on ourselves, because we shot it at King’s Cross, for real,” Daniel Radcliffe revealed to Collider when talking about the epilogue reshoots. “And, you know, this time we’ll be shooting it in Leavesden on a set because it’s — We made it very hard on ourselves. To have to rush that sequence, and it’s an important sequence, is not something that any of us want to do.” Redoing the epilogue likely gave Watson, Radcliffe, and Grint a better shot at nailing the scene. However, the facial prosthetics were likely already as good as they could have been.