Emma Watson Called 1 Part of The ‘Harry Potter’ Reunion ‘Intense’

For Emma Watson, Harry Potter was more than just a story. The franchise took up a massive chunk of her childhood and all of her teenage years. Watson was only 9 when she landed the role of Hermione Granger. She would spend 10 years playing the role and promoting the eight films. Even years after the franchise ended, the actor is still best known as the brightest witch of the age. So what was it like for her to revisit the set that she grew up on?

Harry Potter alum Emma Watson poses on the red carpet at the BAFTAs
‘Harry Potter’ alum Emma Watson | TOLGA AKMEN/AFP via Getty Images

Emma Watson got candid about revisiting the ‘Harry Potter’ set in Leavesden

Though some scenes were shot on location, the bulk of the Harry Potter movies were shot in Leavesden. The 200-acre studio complex is owned by Warner Bros and is a massive production facility. For the reunion, the cast returned to some of the most memorable sets. Watson found herself in the Gryffindor common room and The Great Hall in Hogwarts castle. Meanwhile, her castmate, Daniel Radcliffe, also visited Gringotts Wizarding Bank.

Watson didn’t make a secret of how much she appreciated revisiting Leavesden. In an interview with Vogue, she was asked how it felt to be back on set with her castmates, and she had nothing but positive things to say.

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“Like heaven, honestly,” Watson proclaimed when questioned about Leavesden. “I am just so happy they still exist! Most film sets are torn down the minute a scene is finished. I am so happy they are still there for people to enjoy, me included. [Harry Potter’s production designer]Stuart Craig is truly a genius. What he did is perfect.”

The actor got emotional when she reunited with Daniel Radcliffe and Rupert Grint

Of course, being back on those very same sets also filled the Little Women actor with a ton of emotion. Sitting down with both Radcliffe and Rupert Grint was especially meaningful for Watson. She admits that she experienced a gamut of emotions during the chat. So many, in fact, that she was glad that she and her castmates didn’t have to steer the entire conversation themselves.

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“It was emotional and also intense to have such an intimate moment so closely watched,” Watson shared of her chat with Grint and Radcliffe. “Mostly I was just so happy to have a mediator who could ask us these questions and get to be part of seeing how differently—and similarly—we had processed things. I love that we remembered different things.”

Watson was moved by how vulnerable her castmates were being at the ‘Harry Potter’ reunion

What particularly moved Watson was how vulnerable and reflective her fellow castmates were being. Radcliffe acknowledged that the franchise may have been completely different for her to navigate as a young woman. Meanwhile, Grint shared that he’d always think of her as family, which moved her to tears. Considering everything the trio went through (on screen and off) it’s no wonder that Watson found herself overcome with emotions at times. However, we’re sure the Potterheads appreciated her vulnerability throughout the Harry Potter reunion.

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