Emma Watson Confesses She’s ‘Slightly Fascinated By Kink Culture’

Emma Watson is truly a real-life Hermoine Granger. Though the 29-year-old is best known for her acting skills, she is also famed for her relationships with charities, intellect, and activism. Who could forget that she chose to get a degree in English Literature following her massive fame and success? Not only that, Watson attended two of the best universities in the world, Brown (an Ivy League University in the States) and Oxford (a top university in England.) Since then, Watson has done all types of charity and activism work amidst her acting career.

Emma Watson relationship
Emma Watson | Paul Bruinooge/Patrick McMullan via Getty Images

One thing that Watson is particularly passionate about is Women’s Rights and gender studies. Far too often, society places unrealistic expectations on both women and men. Furthermore, traditional gender roles can be detrimental, if not dangerous, to those trying to navigate healthy relationships. In a recent interview with Teen Vogue, Watson got candid about the importance of communication and not making assumptions based on what is stereotypically expected.

Emma Watson gives her thoughts on dating and relationships

“I feel that relationships that don’t necessarily follow traditional models do require more communication and consent. It requires an actual conversation and agreement about the delegation of tasks and labor and responsibilities that maybe you don’t feel you need to have or should have if you follow those traditional stereotypes,” Watson shared about the key to navigating a successful relationship.

The Harry Potter alum continued on to share that healthy communication was a vital ingredient needed to make a partnership work. Too often, people expect their partner to anticipate their every need, but Watson blatantly disagrees with that mentality. “The idea that relationships are supposed to be easy and it’s all supposed to be implicitly understood, and you’re just meant to get each other, it’s bullsh*t! It’s impossible!” the Beauty and the Beast actress shared.

The ‘Little Women’ actress is a huge advocate of healthy communication

Watson continued on to say that she felt that, in her experience, people in same-sex relationships often have healthier communication skills because they often don’t inherently subscribe to traditional gender roles. “A lot of the healthiest relationships I’ve seen have been between same-sex couples because, I think, they have to sit down and agree [on] things. They agree [on] things between them as opposed to [accepting] certain sets of assumptions and expectations that are made,” the 29-year-old shared.

Why Watson is fascinated by kink culture

Furthermore, Watson confessed that she is also intrigued by some of the pillars of the BDSM community. As the community advocates for safe, sane, and consensual relationships, communication is not only encouraged, it is required. “I’ve also kind of become slightly fascinated by kink culture because they are the best communicators ever. They know all about consent. They [smash that stuff because they really have to get it — but we could all use those models; they’re actually really helpful models,” Watson shared.

Will others learn from the ‘Harry Potter’ actress?

We certainly agree with Watson that communication and consent are vital ingredients for a healthy relationship. Hopefully, her thoughts and opinions will allow her millions of fans to rethink what they consider to be normal or healthy. Certainly, we could all do with more knowledge about consent and less rigidity in terms of gender norms and expectations.