Emma Watson’s Mom Told Her ‘You Don’t Get to Complain’ After She Faked Pregnancy in a Movie

Like her most famous character, Hermione Granger, Emma Watson has acute attention to detail. The actor is fond of training extensively for her roles to ensure that she nails the intricacies of her characters. For example, when the actor played Belle in Beauty and the Beast she did voice training, dance training, and horse training before she began filming. And when Watson had to play a pregnant woman in another film, she also to a very method approach.

Emma Watson attend the 'Little Women' premiere in a black dress
Emma Watson | Paul Bruinooge/Patrick McMullan via Getty Images

Method acting allows the actor to put themselves in the shoes of their character. By truly understanding their characters’ experiences and emotions, some actors are able to give richer performances. When Watson was cast as Ila in the movie Noah, she decided that she really wanted to feel what a woman pregnant with twins would actually feel in her body.

Emma Watson faked being pregnant in the movie ‘Noah’

In an interview with Late Night with David Letterman, Watson got candid about what it was like to feign pregnancy. “It was pretty interesting,” the Harry Potter alum declared. “I — I said to my costume lady, I said: ‘OK I wanna really do this method. I want you to put in my pregnancy suit. I want you to make it weigh the same amount as it would as if I was carrying twins, and she said ‘OK, fine, we’ll do that.'”

Of course, the Little Women star quickly realized that her request would be no easy feat. When she tried on the pregnancy suit, she couldn’t believe just how heavy it was. “And I came up to her the next day and I said ‘You can’t be serious. This is —I’m exhausted. This is crazy,'” Watson recalled. “And she turned to me and said ‘Yeah, that’s just the weight of one child’. And I was like ‘OK, OK.'”

The ‘Harry Potter’ alum’s mom wasn’t super sympathetic to her plight

Despite the intensity of the suit, Watson continued to film with it. However, she did call her mom to lament about how arduous it was for her to fake being pregnant. “And yeah, and I called my mother after the first day of shooting and I was just like ‘This is crazy’ and she said, ‘You don’t get to complain, you only faked it.'”


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Watson developed a deeper appreciation for pregnancy and motherhood

The experience was certainly a challenge for Watson. However, being fake pregnant gave the actor more admiration for those who experience pregnancy and motherhood in general. “It was intense,” the Noah actor admitted. “I have a whole new-found respect for women and motherhood and what they do”. We can see why this experience would give Watson more appreciation for motherhood. It’ll be interesting to see if she continues to use method acting in the films she does in the future.