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Many people dream of becoming famous. However, many of those people might not enjoy it as much as they would think. Emma Watson was once a young girl with dreams, perhaps not of fame, but of acting. Unfortunately, fame seems to come with the territory of being an actor.

Even with a series as beloved as Harry Potter, there are bound to be downsides to the fame that comes with being in it. Emma Watson probably never imagined that she would become as famous as she is today, especially when she was first acting. Yet here she is. Though there are positive aspects as well, it’s important to acknowledge the negative aspects of fame and how it can affect people.

How did fame affect Emma Watson? And how was she able to recover from it? Find out, ahead.

The sad part of Emma Watson’s ‘Harry Potter’ fame

Emma Watson of Harry Potter
Emma Watson at the Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2 premiere | Jim Spellman/WireImage/Getty Images

According to an interview Watson did with British Vogue, she can’t really enjoy her fame. The actress says that “somebody else would have enjoyed and wanted this aspect of it more than [she] did. And [she has] struggled a lot with the guilt around that.” And that’s sad.

Hopefully, Watson doesn’t struggle with such feelings anymore. It does make sense that she would feel that way, however. As we mentioned above, many people dream of being famous. Yet fame is not for everyone, especially for those who are more private and introverted.

Many fans would probably be shocked to learn that there is such a dark side to being in a movie series like Harry Potter. However, they would also likely feel a lot of sympathy for Watson. As someone who brings so much joy to others through her acting, it is upsetting that she can’t enjoy herself. Let’s hope that she can eventually enjoy her fame at least somewhat because it is a fleeting moment and will probably be gone eventually.

Fame can be difficult

Emma Watson of Harry Potter
Emma Watson at the Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2 premiere | Jim Spellman/WireImage/Getty Images

Many people would probably love to be famous, they would thrive on it. Others, however, perhaps including Emma Watson, enjoy their privacy and don’t want to be noticed all of the time. Either way is fine, yet it is somewhat sad when people can’t enjoy the fame that their accomplished career gets them.

Watson also felt that she should have been more excited than she was about her fame. It makes sense to have such feelings, it’s perfectly natural, yet it is quite upsetting that Watson had to go through this. She also confesses to asking her parents if she was still their daughter.

This disconnection that she felt made her understandably upset and anxious. She wanted to be more connected to her family and friends, which makes sense, especially for someone who’s famous. It’s important to be around people who can keep you grounded.

How did Emma Watson cope with her ‘Harry Potter’ fame?

She does, fortunately, have a way of coping with the intense stress fame causes. According to the actress herself, “part of [having] peace within [herself] is remembering [her] identity.” As we mentioned above, staying grounded is important. So is remembering who you are.

Watson mentions that one way that she finds peace is by focusing on her roots. As she puts it, “[she is] someone’s daughter, [she is] a sister. [She belongs] to a family. [She comes] from a place.”

Though fame certainly has its downsides, Emma Watson appears to know how to navigate it. Many Harry Potter fans and other fans of her work will likely be surprised that she is struggling with her fame. Yet hopefully it will lead to a greater understanding of the negative aspects of fame.