Emma Watson Revealed the Worst Thing Ever Said About Her in the Press

Emma Watson is no stranger to being in the news. She was just 9 years old when the press descended on her and they haven’t let up in the 22 years since. Throughout the course of her career, The Noah actor has been in her fair share of tabloids. Furthermore, plenty of news stories have fabricated the details of her personal life.

Emma Watson attends a press news conference for 'The Bling Ring'
Emma Watson | Vittorio Zunino Celotto/Getty Images

Emma Watson has been the subject of gossip in the news many times

For a celebrity, Watson leads a pretty private life. While she happily speaks out about her work and the things she’s passionate about, she’s notoriously tight-lipped about some aspects of her life. However, that doesn’t stop people from making up stories about the Harry Potter alum. Earlier this year, the actor took to her Twitter page to debunk rumors that she was engaged and retiring from acting.

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While many news stories about Watson are complimentary, others are less so. Funnily enough, Watson gets less upset about the vitriol thrown her way than she does about implications that she’s boring. In an interview with GQ, the activist shared that the worst thing someone ever said about her was that she was “nice.”

The ‘Harry Potter’ alum absolutely hated being called nice

“Will Self said that I would always be to him a nice, middle-class girl but, to be honest, I would rather someone really just detest [me] and think I am horribly boring and stuck up and I don’t deserve to be where I am and I have been really lucky and whatever else they want to say than say that I was nice,” Watson shared about Self’s New York Times profile on her.

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Watson shared that she felt that nice was just a filler word to explain a less than ideal person or situation. “I feel like, you know when you go on a terrible date with someone you don’t really like, you say it was nice,” she declared. “I would rather people really liked me or really didn’t like me, anything other than just being average.”

Watson revealed that there was more to her conversation with Will Self

Continuing on, Watson shared that she didn’t feel that Self’s profile was a true indicator of their conversation. The actor noted that the journalist made her out to be a type of pod person. Ultimately, she wasn’t at all pleased with what the author had to say about her.

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“He just talked about me like I was this tiny, white, fragile, breakable, china doll that didn’t really have anything to say, which was wrong because I had talked to him about a lot of things,” Watson declared. “British men can have a great sense of chivalry and often have great manners. But not all of them… Arrogance and vanity are the worst male characteristics.”

Out of all the criticism that Watson has received, it’s surprising that she was most upset with being called nice. But we’re sure many people can relate to having a disdain for being thought of as average.

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