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Who doesn’t love a good dinner party? Being surrounded by good conversation, great food, friends, and family is a vibe that most people enjoy. However, the parties can be stressful for the people who host them. Putting together an acceptable menu, cleaning, cooking, decorating, and creating a playlist requires time and attention to detail. It can be hard to execute a great dinner party. Emma Watson certainly had a rough time navigating her first supper soirée.

Emma Watson wears all black and stands in front of a flower wall
Emma Watson | David M. Benett/Dave Benett/Getty Images

Emma Watson loves to cook and attending culinary school is on her bucket list

It’s pretty on-brand for Watson to throw a dinner party. She hasn’t made her love of cooking a secret throughout the course of her career. The Harry Potter alum is known to be pretty adventurous in the kitchen. In fact, when Marie Claire asked her what was on her bucket list, she mentioned going to culinary school.

“Going to Le Cordon Bleu for a year would be super bada**,” Watson shared. “I don’t like using recipes — I like to cook things I just know how to cook. I figure if I went and really learned, I would be the kind of person who could open the fridge and be like, “I know what I will make with this one piece of celery and this random piece of butter and this pasta.”

The movie star’s first dinner party was a disaster

Unfortunately, Watson’s penchant for cooking without recipes may have contributed to the downfall of her very first dinner party. In a conversation with Interview Magazine, the activist revealed that she didn’t leave enough time for herself to get everything cooked. This, of course, was not the ideal outcome for The Perks of Being a Wallflower alum.

“Well, it was a disaster,” Watson shared of her inaugural dinner party. “Not because I’m a terrible cook, but because the time limit was too short. I was only able to make half the pie—a cottage pie, which is this very British beef mince meal—so I had to abandon it.” Continuing on, Watson revealed that she underestimated the amount of time she needed which added to her anxiety.


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“I ran out of time,” Watson shared. “It was like MasterChef in my kitchen last night, a really stressful atmosphere.” Watson’s first dinner party may have been a bust, but she’s had quite a few successful ones since. The Bling Ring star even threw one for her fellow Harry Potter castmates during the last week of filming Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows – Part 2. So, clearly, she eventually found her groove.

Watson is confident about her banana bread

Even if Watson struggled with getting dinner prepared for her first party, dessert may have been a success. Watson has been baking for years and is pretty confident about many of her recipes. In a separate conversation with Interview Magazine, Watson revealed that she has perfected her banana bread recipe. “I bake,” Watson shared. “I’m pretty competitive about my chocolate chip banana bread. I don’t think anyone can believe how good it is. It’s really on another level.”