Emma Watson ‘Sat in Therapy and Felt Really Guilty’ About This

Emma Watson’s life has been just as mystical as the world in which her most famous character resides. For over two decades she has been a huge celebrity, recognized by millions across the globe. Starring in the eight Harry Potter movies bought Watson immense levels of fame, fortune, and privilege. But despite her larger-than-life life, or perhaps because of it, Watson still needs time to decompress. One of the ways she does that is through therapy.

Emma Watson looks over her shoulder in a white dress
Emma Watson | JUSTIN TALLIS/AFP via Getty Images

Therapy has become much less stigmatized in the past decade. Celebrities like Watson, Selena Gomez, and Olivia Rodrigo have been candid about how helpful therapy has been for them. While some fans may assume that celebrities lead perfect lives, that couldn’t be further from the truth. Famous people, like everyone else, experience a gamut of emotions and often need an outlet to help manage their emotions.

Emma Watson recalls feeling guilty in therapy

Watson, in particular, used therapy to help manage her feelings about certain aspects of her career. While Watson truly enjoys performing, she’s less excited about the more “glamorous” aspects of her job. The Beauty and the Beast star is less enamored by the parties, red carpets, and photoshoots. According to the actor, she felt tons of guilt for not being more enthusiastic about those aspects of her job.

“That’s something I’ve sat in therapy and felt really guilty about, to be honest,” Watson revealed to Vogue. “Like, ‘Why me?’ Somebody else would have enjoyed and wanted this aspect of it more than I did. I’ve wrestled a lot with the guilt around that. Of being, like, ‘I should be enjoying this more. I should be more excited.’ And I’m actually really struggling.”

The ‘Harry Potter’ alum really struggled with red carpet events

While some people might enjoy walking the red carpet at their movie premiere, Watson felt a bit unnerved by some of them. The Noah actor admitted that the experience felt too far removed from who she is as a person. In an interview with Vanity Fair, Watson got candid about her honest reaction to some of her movie premieres.

“I’d walk down the red carpet and go into the bathroom,” Watson began. “I had on so much makeup and these big, fluffy, full-on dresses. I’d put my hands on the sink and look at myself in the mirror and say, ‘Who is this?’ I didn’t connect with the person who was looking back at me, and that was a very unsettling feeling.”

Watson once believed she was too serious to be an actor

The feeling was so unsettling, in fact, that it made Watson question her profession. For a long time, she feared that since she didn’t appreciate every aspect of her job, she didn’t have the temperment to be an actor. Fortunatley, for her fans, age and therpay helped her discover a new perspective.


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“I’ve been doing this since I was 10 or 11, and I’ve often thought, I’m so wrong for this job because I’m too serious; I’m a pain in the ass; I’m difficult; I don’t fit,” Watson revealed. “But as I’ve got older, I’ve realized, No! Taking on those battles, the smaller ones and the bigger ones, is who I am.”