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Emma Watson doesn’t seem to have a problem with making her voice heard. The actor learned how to navigate interviews and the media at a young age thanks to her involvement in the Harry Potter franchise. But Watson isn’t just outspoken about her work. She is known for her activism as well as her acting and has championed causes like women’s rights for years. But Watson seems to be just as passionate about going inwards as she is about speaking out. The feminist once even attended a spiritual retreat where she was silent for over a week.

Emma Watson wears a black suit to the British Vogue and Tiffany & Co. party
Emma Watson | David M. Benett/Dave Benett/Getty Images

Emma Watson has found ways to navigate her busy life

It’s no secret that Watson’s life can be fairly hectic. Between shooting projects, speaking engagements, interviews, photoshoots, and more, things can get a bit hectic for the Little Women actor. Over the years, Watson has found ways to cope with her busy life. One strategy she uses is keeping her cell phones dead and avoiding technology as much as possible. However, she also has shared that Buddhism has helped her significantly.

The movie star has a passion for Buddhism

But how did Watson get into Buddhism? A true bibliophile, the Beauty and the Beast star first learned of it through reading. In an interview with Metro, she got candid about her interest in Buddhism. “I started being interested in a literary way, but I realized that reading books wasn’t enough, that you have to practice for it to work,” Watson admitted. “So I started it, and I love it, it helps me a lot.”

Watson went on a 10-day spiritual retreat that required her to take a vow of silence

In addition to Buddhism, yoga has also helped Watson gain a deeper sense of peace. In fact, Watson was working toward her certification back in 2019. Part of her certification actually included a spiritual retreat. The retreat lasted 10 days and was completley silent. Though the media described the retreat as Watson taking a silent vow after ending a romantic relationship, Watson shared that it was actually a required part of her certification.

The actor recalled an accomplished photographer doing a meditation retreat two years prior

Certification or not, most people would agree that being silent for 10 days is quite the feat. But Watson seems to have gleaned the benefits of spiritual retreats early in life. Back in 2017, she raved about photographer, Peter Lindbergh, who photographed her for her conversation with Interview Magazine. He too seemed to be passionate about going inwards on retreats.


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“I love him so much,” Watson said of Lindbergh. “He’s the Ferrari of photographers—really thoughtful, engaged, and then boom boom boom. He is so quick. He does not mess around. During the day, I asked him, ‘What are your plans after this?’ And he said, ‘I’m going to go do another meditation retreat.’ I was like, ‘Of course you meditate! You’re like the Buddha. You’re, like, one of the happiest people I’ve ever met.'”

Clearly, Watson managed to take a page out of Lindbergh’s book and do a retreat herself just a few years later. It’ll be interesting to see how her love of yoga and Buddhism manifests itself in the future.