Emma Watson Started Thinking About Her Parenting Style After 1 Movie

Emma Watson may not have any kids yet but thanks to her profession, she’s played a mother a handful of times. Thanks to the 19 years later epilogue in the final Harry Potter movie, she first experienced on-screen children in her early 20s. Meanwhile, in the film Noah, the British actor portrayed an expectant mother. And just last year, the actor debunked rumors that she was retiring from acting in order to start a family.

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Emma Watson started thinking differently about technology after starring in ‘The Circle’

But just because Watson doesn’t have kids yet doesn’t mean she hasn’t thought about potential offspring. In fact, one of the movies that she starred in got her thinking about her parenting style. Back in 2017, Watson starred in the film The Circle opposite Tom Hanks. The film explored how social media can push boundaries in regards to privacy and personal ethos.

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Acting in The Circle certainly made Watson question the ways in which she personally engaged with technology. While having a discussion with Interview Magazine, the activist admitted that she deleted her e-mail app from her phone prior to the press tour for the film. This, she revealed, helped her to draw boundaries between herself and her devices.

The ‘Harry Potter’ alum started thinking about how she’d parent future kids after making the movie

The film also made it clear that the Little Women alum needed to separate her public persona and her private life with stronger delineation. In fact, the movie even got Watson thinking about how she’d parent her future kids, should she choose to have them. According to The Perks of Being a Wallflower actor, she would keep her children off her social media page.

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“It made me think a lot about what I would do if I had children,” Watson shared of The Circle. “A lot of children of this generation have their entire lives made public before they have a say about what they would want. I think it should always be a choice. I love social media, and I love what it can do and how it brings people together, but used in the wrong way, it’s incredibly dangerous. And, increasingly, our attention is our most important resource.”

Watson has found ways to disengage from technology and social media

These days, Watson has found new strategies to keep her attention rooted in the present instead of in technology. While she does post on social media, she’s taken clear breaks from the popular social media apps. For several months, her Instagram bio informed followers that her page was “dormant” and not being updated.

And social media isn’t the only thing that Watson has disengaged from. In an interview with British Vogue, the actor revealed that she has two cell phones. One is exclusively for personal use whilst the other fulfills her professional needs. But the actor admitted that both phones are typically dead. This, Watson explained, is a kind of strategy which helps her cope with the stress of her busy life. Clearly, Watson’s thought a ton about the way in which she utilizes technology. And her strategies seem to be working well for her.

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