How Many Episodes Are In ‘Monsters at Work’ Season 1?

With this Disney+ original series, fans learned what happened to Mike and Sulley after they returned Boo and started going after laughter. Monsters at Work debuted on the streaming platform during 2021, with new episodes premiering weekly. 

Here’s what we know about how many episodes are in the first season of this Monsters Inc. spinoff featuring Mike and Sulley. 

The MIFT characters from the Disney+ original series, 'Monsters at Work'
The MIFT employees from Monsters Incorporated from the Disney+ original series, ‘Monsters at Work’ | Disney+

Disney+ released their original spinoff series ‘Monsters at Work’

After throwing years of tradition out of the closet door, Mike and Sulley were put in charge of Monsters Incorporated. Billy Crystal and John Goodman returned to Monstropolis to voice Mike Wazowski and Sulley respectively for the Disney+ original series Monsters at Work. 

This series also introduced Disney and Pixar fans to several new characters, some working in the MIFT section of Monsters Incorporated. Ben Feldman portrayed the new employee who initially dreamed of being a Scarer, named Tylor Tuskmon. 

“This is a kid who has prepped his whole life to be a scarer, and he’s succeeded and excelled in his class, was a top scarer, and had a life of success ahead of him,” Feldman said during an interview with The Daily News.

“Then the show begins his first day of work when it turns out they swapped scare power for laugh power. So he’s trying to figure out who he is, how he fits into this world, and how he can be funny.”

Mindy Kaling voiced Tylor’s eyebrow-shaped “college buddy” named Val. Lucas Neff portrayed the bitter MIFT employee named Duncan. Together, these characters worked through the transition from collecting screams to collecting laughter. 

How many episodes are in the Disney+ original series, ‘Monsters at Work’?

Originally released in July 2021, Disney+ premiered episodes of Monsters at Work season 1 on a weekly basis. According to What’s On Disney+, “director Stephen Anderson has said there will be 10 episodes in this series.” The finale, reportedly, debuts Sept. 1, 2021, on the streaming platform.

This show wouldn’t be the only Disney+ original series to release episodes weekly, as High School Musical: The Musical: The Series, Marvel’s WandaVision, Turner & Hooch, and The Mandalorian followed a similar premiere format. However, Monsters at Work has not yet been renewed for a second season. 

‘Monsters at Work’ features the characters of ‘Monsters Inc.’ and its prequel ‘Monsters University’

This animated series follows a new group of Monsters Incorporated employees. However, there are still appearances from fan-favorite characters. That includes Mike’s girlfriend Celia Mae and the always pleasant secretary/CDA leader Roz.

As a Disney+ original series, Monsters at Work is only available on Disney’s streaming platform. This subscription service also houses Disney and Pixar original films, including Monsters University and Monsters Inc., as well as Disney+ original and exclusive Disney and Pixar films, like Soul and Luca.

To learn more about Disney’s streaming service and to subscribe, visit their website. 

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