Erin Kellyman in the MCU? Who Fans Think the ‘Star Wars’ Actor Could Play

The rumor mill about new characters soon entering the Marvel Cinematic Universe has gone into hyperactive mode in the age of quarantine. One such move might involve an actor who works in the Star Wars family, creating the ultimate crossover, if an easier transition because of Disney.

At question is a group of comic book characters called The Grapplers some fans think will show up in upcoming Falcon and the Winter Soldier on Disney+. Those who know their Marvel comic books will remember The Grapplers as a group of wrestlers (like GLOW?) who turn into a superhero force of mercenaries.

One key character named Melissa Gold becomes Songbird in this group. The actress who might play her could surprise those who watched the movie Solo.

Who is Erin Kellyman?

BBC One's 'Les Miserables' cast
BBC One’s ‘Les Miserables’ cast | | Joe Maher/Getty Images

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Maybe the name Erin Kellyman rings few bells to MCU fans. Anyone who saw Solo: A Star Wars Story will know Kellyman as Enfys Nest. This character headed the space pirate group the Cloud Riders who also happened to be early supporters of the Rebel Alliance.

Kellyman won the role of Enfys Nest after only being known primarily in British TV productions. At the age of 21, she still has a lot more to do, but everyone thought Enfys was instantly memorable.

All possibility exists the character will show up again in the Star Wars universe. However, some rumors have popped up the MCU wants Kellyman for a role in an upcoming Marvel project.

Some fans contend she might be playing Melissa Gold/Songbird for Falcon and the Winter Soldier, even if the evidence comes strictly by outsiders.

Erin Kellyman would be perfect as Songbird

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Thanks to having a shock of curly red hair (and freckles), Kellyman certainly stands out in all the roles she acquires. Prior to playing Enfys Nest, she made viewers take notice playing Eponine in a BBC adaptation of Les Miserables.

Having her play Melissa Gold/Songbird would be perfect because the character is known for having a similar hair color. Along with already being fit for action movies, playing Songbird could place her further toward stardom.

One good reason for that is Songbird goes on to become one of the Thunderbolts, a group likely seen in the MCU down the road. As perfect as this news is, nothing is confirmed yet.

On Murphy’s Multiverse above, the story comes from a tipster who claims they know Kellyman filmed in Atlanta for Falcon and the Winter Soldier. Much of this was elaborated on by a fan on Reddit.

What did the tipster say?

According to Murphy’s Multiverse above: …”This tipster did share the saved Instagram stories post by Erin’s friend, Dayna Browning, from about 9 weeks ago, in which she mentions Erin being ‘in two of the biggest franchises ever.'”

Hearing a statement like this really does create a lot of intrigue about what was going on. Initially, the tipster said Kellyman was shooting an undisclosed TV show in Atlanta where Falcon and the Winter Soldier was filming at the same date. In fact, there was an Instagram pic of Kellyman and her girlfriend in Atlanta around this time.

If it all adds up, it may mean yet another Star Wars actor successfully transitioning over to an MCU project. A number of them exist, ranging from Natalie Portman as the most significant to Paul Bettany and Lupita Nyong’o.

There may be more of those transitions with Disney owning both properties, removing a lot of internal problems going between two major franchises. At the same time, it may make bigger stars out of some working as background characters in Star Wars, yet potentially exploding in popularity through Marvel.