‘Euphoria’: How Did Cassie Feel When She Found out She Was Pregnant?

Part of Euphoria’s appeal is that the show boasts a dynamic cast. The actors, who all have different levels of experience, work hard to bring their colorful characters to life. And because the characters have wildly different personalities, there are plenty of people for fans to connect with and root for. One character, in particular, who has struck a chord with viewers is Cassie Howard.

Euphoria Sydney Sweeney poses in a yellow outfit
Sydney Sweeney | Amy Sussman/Getty Images for Tom Ford Beauty

Cassie Howard has had a volatile character journey on ‘Euphoria’

In many ways, Cassie is the reimagined version of the “popular cheerleader” trope. But Sydney Sweeney provides a softness to her character that makes Euphoria viewers want to root for her rather than against her. This is particularly true since fans are privy to how people (men in particular) have treated Cassie throughout the course of her life. Furthermore, her backstory allows fans to better understand some of the poor choices Cassie makes about men.


Of course, one of the biggest arcs in Cassie’s storyline thus far has been her relationship with McKay and her subsequent pregnancy. Euphoria fans watched as Cassie grappled with being pregnant. Still, it’s hard to know exactly what she was thinking and experiencing. Fortunately, in an interview with The Hollywood Reporter, Sweeney elaborated on the many emotions that Cassie was feeling when she learned of her pregnancy.

Sydney Sweeney explains how Cassie felt when she learned she was pregnant

“She’s a teenager, so she’s, of course, terrified and scared, but there’s the underlying fear of being alone,” the Euphoria star explained. “In that moment there’s a thought and a realization that maybe she could never not be alone, but being pregnant and having a child, she’d always have somebody, and maybe that’s her path, that’s what she’s supposed to do. That makes her feel safe, being able to have someone all of the time, like a best friend who will always look up to you, and you can be that superhero.”


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Continuing on, the Euphoria star shared why Cassie was so heartbroken by her boyfriend’s reaction to the pregnancy. “So when McKay shuts that entire idea down, it kind of breaks Cassie’s world,” Sweeney stated. “And that’s why she says, ‘I just want to dream about it,’ because even though it wasn’t expected and she didn’t try to get pregnant, it was like, ‘Maybe this is my path, maybe this is what I’m supposed to do.'”

A pregnant Cassie also exists in a ‘Euphoria’ Season 2 dream sequence

Ultimately, fans of Euphoria know that Cassie eventually chose to terminate her pregnancy. Whether it was because of McKay’s reaction, her own fears, or a combination of a multitude of things hasn’t been explicitly stated. But despite Cassie choosing to have an abortion, viewers were still given yet another depiction of Cassie as an expectant mother via a dream sequence. However, considering who the father was in that scenario, it’s best that Cassie’s pregnancy remained a fever dream.