‘Euphoria’: Fans Want Nate Killed Off in Season 2

In early January, HBO premiered season 2 of the teen drama Euphoria. As the episodes air, viewers have a couple of guesses about what could happen. Several people have a theory that Elliot could die at some point because of possible foreshadowing.

Jacob Elordi as Nate Jacobs walking down a hallways in 'Euphoria'
Jacob Elordi as Nate Jacobs in ‘Euphoria’ | Eddy Chen/HBO

Some fans might not want Elliot to die, but many of them do wish the show would kill Nate Jacobs. The character does show humanity at certain points, but the fandom dislikes him overall. Nate’s actions in the first season left a bad taste in their mouths.

Season 2 spoilers ahead!

What has Nate done so far in ‘Euphoria’?

One of the main characters is Nate, and he is a popular quarterback of East Highland High. He is dating Maddy Perez, but they soon develop an on-and-off relationship. Part of the reason is due to his behavior. Some fans feel Nate exhibits toxic masculinity.

Nate has also been physically violent with Maddy. Under the surface, he has violent and destructive tendencies. Nate occasionally takes his anger out on Maddy, who once sustained bruises. He also beat a man nearly to death and has sexually harrassed and catfished Jules Vaughn.

Not only does Nate threaten Jules sexually, but he blackmails her as well with a video of her and his father together. Nate later tricks her into sending him her nude photos, and he threatens to take the pictures to the police.

Fans want Nate to die this season

After the first season, Nate has given fans plenty of reasons not to like him. Some people hope to witness changes in his level of toxicity in the second season. Others want to see the character gone for good. They went onto social media to voice their opinions.

On Twitter, @sarahlugor wrote that the writers should kill Nate off in season 2. She went on to say that the character has “no redeeming qualities” and is “actually a horrible person.” She even advocated for the series to introduce a new antagonist.

Other people agreed with the Twitter user’s statements. One person added Nate’s dad to the list of people who should die in a future episode. Someone else commented, “I don’t know what they would even do to build a redemption arc. Like he is ROTTEN.”

When the premiere of season 2 rolled around, multiple viewers likely felt pleased to see Fezco beat Nate. The fight scene was short, but they believed that he deserved it. A few unaired episodes remain, so fans could get their wish for Nate’s death.

What has Jacob Elordi said about Nate?

Audiences are not the only ones who are not fans of Nate. The character’s actor, Jacob Elordi, believes Nate has no idea what real love is like. According to Teen Vogue, Elordi is willing to call Nate different kinds of names.

“He was abusive and drinking and yelling at people and throwing his chest around. I had no idea of the scope or the depth that was to come,” Elordi explained in an interview. “He’s an emotional terrorist, a narcissist, a sociopath, a freak. All those things.”

So far in season 2, Nate’s storyline involves continued tension between him and his father. He reveals to his dad that he has tapes of him and Jules. Nate spends time in the hospital after his fight with Fezco. He also finds himself sleeping with Cassie Howard, his ex girlfriend Maddy’s best friend.

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