‘Euphoria’: Where to Watch Trailer for Hunter Schafer’s New Episode

Following HBO’s Euphoria special episode titled “Trouble Don’t Last Always” that was released in December 2020, the teen drama will have another episode titled “F*ck Anyone Who’s Not A Sea Blob.” This episode will center around Hunter Schafer’s character, high schooler Jules Vaughn. The episode will be released on HBO Max on Jan. 22 and on HBO on Jan. 24. Where can you watch the trailer for Hunter Schafer’s episode of Euphoria? Read on to find out.

[Spoiler alert: This article contains spoilers for Euphoria through the episode “Trouble Don’t Last Always.”]

Hunter Schafer as Jules in 'Euphoria' on HBO
Hunter Schafer as Jules Vaughn in HBO’s ‘Euphoria’ | Eddy Chen/HBO

Where Jules’ character left off in the first special ‘Euphoria’ episode

Since Jules’ appearance in part one of the two special episodes of Euphoria is a daydream from Zendaya’s character Rue Bennett’s perspective, viewers have yet to see where Jules is at following her departure on a train in the season one finale of the show.

The daydream teased fans of “Rules,” the ship name for Jules and Rue, showing them happily in a bed together. The rest of the episode showed Rue having a conversation with Ali (Colman Domingo), her Narcotics Anonymous sponsor, in a diner.

Fans got their first tease of where Jules is at in the new trailer for the second special episode.

Where to watch the trailer for Hunter Schafer’s episode of ‘Euphoria’

You can watch the trailer, which was released on Jan. 19, for the new Euphoria episode starring Schafer, on the show’s YouTube channel.

“Rue was the first girl that didn’t just look at me,” Jules said in a voiceover in the teaser clip. “She actually saw me. The ‘me’ that’s underneath a million layers of ‘not me.'”

The episode was co-written by show creator Sam Levinson and Schafer. Levinson said in an interview with GQ that the episode’s origins came from his belief that fans misunderstood Jules when categorizing her as a “villain.” He wanted to show Jules from her own perspective, as opposed to from Rue’s.

Where Jules’ character could go in season two

Schafer spoke about her character in a behind-the-scenes video on the making of the special episodes of Euphoria.

“Jules feels the pressure of Rue’s sobriety resting on her,” Schafer said in the YouTube clip. “I think Jules is really worried that if she makes the wrong move with Rue, it could go straight back to relapsing. And that’s countered with the two of them being very in love.”

Fans will likely see a new side of Jules in this episode that is shown from her perspective. It will also give Schafer more of an opportunity to show off her acting chops as Jules — and screenwriting ones too — for the first time since season one was released in 2019.

Season two of Euphoria is yet to be filmed, but you can watch this new episode of Euphoria on HBO Max on Jan. 22, and the new trailer for the episode above.

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