‘Euphoria’: Barbie Ferreira Reveals How Essential Makeup Is to the Show

Euphoria exploded on to the scene last Summer, captivating audiences of all ages and backgrounds. From the stunning makeup to the diverse cast, fans were in awe of the new HBO drama. Headlined by the talented Zendaya, Euphoria explores adult themes like addiction, gender identity, sexuality, and family life from the vantage points of adolescents. Writer and showrunner, Sam Levison, has created a compelling world for his characters to navigate and fans are chomping at the bit for the series’ sophomore season.

Barbie Ferreira talks Euphoria makeup
Barbie Ferreira | Morgan Lieberman/WireImage

Euphoria fans are captivated by the makeup looks on the show

Part of what contributes to Euphoria‘s cult following is that the creators have made the world super interactive. Fans of the show can see parts of themselves in every character. The casting directors did a great job of building out a robust cast full of diverse characters that resonate with people of all different walks of life. Furthermore, the costume designers and makeup artists built upon those characters, adding their own artistic vision into the mix and giving each person a very specific and layered look. The iconic, colorfully jeweled makeup quickly became synonymous with the show itself. Fans of Euphoria began donning similar looks for Halloween, everyday looks, and everything in between.

Barbie Ferreira explains why the makeup in Euphoria is so important

Recently, Barbie Ferreira, who plays Kat Hernandez to perfection, chatted with Refinery29 and discussed why she felt that makeup was such an important part of the show. The 23-year-old revealed that she felt that makeup was a form of self-expression for the characters. “What Euphoria did was reflect the experimental attitude that a lot of kids have these days and how they express themselves through makeup. It’s less about covering up and more of an extension of their personality,” the model shared.

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Ferreira’s character is certainly a testament to that. According to the actress, a lot of Kat’s power comes from subverting expectations with her looks and wardrobe. “Kat experiments with makeup in a different way than the other characters; she’s darker. For her, makeup is not to be pretty — it’s almost the opposite of that. It’s how she expresses herself and finds power by saying ‘F you’ to what people have been telling her to wear,” the Euphoria actress shared.

Ferreira announces partnership with Becca Cosmetics

Ferreira definitely shares Kat’s belief that makeup can be a freeing tool in terms of how people can express themselves. Makeup has been a huge part of her life for several years. “I totally get how makeup is liberating and a really powerful tool to express yourself. I am always pushing the line a little and seeing what I can get away with,” she revealed, citing her love for makeup. In fact, the Euphoria actress recently partnered with Becca Cosmetics. This long time partnership will allow Ferreira to be at the forefront of some of their ad campaigns. Furthermore, the model will have a hand in making sure the brand is committed to increasing diversity of all kinds.

A commitment to diversity

“For years, I was part of ‘inclusive’ campaigns that didn’t exactly put their money where their mouth is,” she says. “I am so happy to have my friends, who are from all different walks of life, representing who wears makeup; it’s not just women and it’s not just what we’re used to seeing from makeup brands, which is usually a pretty not-inclusive shade range or casting,” Ferreira shared. We’re sure that Ferreira will be a great addition to the Becca Cosmetics team. We can’t wait to see what’s next for her character, Kat, on the upcoming season of Euphoria, which is set to premiere sometime this Summer.