‘Euphoria’ Photo Gives Fans Hope About Fez and Zendaya’s Rue

Euphoria took the summer by storm in 2019, making instant stars out of actors such as Angus Cloud, Barbie Ferreira, and Hunter Schafer. With just one season on HBO, the series hooked viewers in to the point that they invested in the well-being of more than just its protagonist Rue, played by Zendaya.

Kat, Cassie, Fezco, and Maddy all had stories that gave fans reasons to be concerned. When season one concluded with a cliffhanger, many were left confused and afraid about Rue’s status among the living and Fez’s fate. However, some of those fears are easing thanks to a social media post.

Cast of 'Euphoria'
Cast of ‘Euphoria’ | Getty Images/Jeff Kravitz/FilmMagic for HBO

Where the season finale left Fez and Rue

You may need a quick refresher on how season one ended since the last episode aired in August. Rue, on the mend from a kidney infection, acknowledged her romantic feelings for Jules and allowed herself to be vulnerable.

Her protectiveness of Jules – played by Schafer – emboldened her to confront Nate about Cal (his father), his treatment of Jules, and his snitching on Fezco. Remember, Nate ratted Fez and Ashtray out to the cops about drug activity, which led to a raid.

To pay Mouse back, Fez robbed his supplier – a doctor – and got into a scuffle. There was blood on the bills when Fez handed the money to Mouse, but viewers don’t know if Mouse got suspicious and killed Fez or if he’s ok.

In the final minutes of the show, Rue relapsed, and the scene turned into a music video that featured the ghost of Rue’s father. No one is quite sure if she was hallucinating, dreaming, or dying. Are the two alive?

Instagram photo gives fans hope

Production began this week for season two of Euphoria and the cast sat down for a table read. Sometimes, fans get a peek behind the scenes of these moments, and the Euphoria team decided to share one.

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here we go !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Who’s that in the photo? None other than Zendaya (Rue) and Angus Cloud (Fezco)! Excited fans believe this is a sign both of them survived the season finale.

But given what’s known about Rue’s addiction and trippy episodes, the possibility remains that these two characters are in a flashback or dream sequence.

When does ‘Euphoria’ season 2 come out?

HBO announced its renewal for Euphoria last year but didn’t give an official release date. One outlet stated that season two would arrive sometime in summer 2020 based on season one’s schedule, but Zendaya spoke to Extra TV and did not offer a premiere date.

In January, the actress stated that fans can expect “a lot of stuff” in season two but they hadn’t started filming yet. Fast forward to March, and the cast is doing table reads.

It’s too early to pin down a definitive date, but fans are certainly looking forward to finding out what happens with Jules, Rue, Maddy, Cassie, and Kat. The plotlines are sure to be just as intense with Cal, Jacob Elordi’s Nate, and Fez. Viewers are rooting for Fez and Rue to come out as survivors.