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Euphoria Season 2 often seems to separate Rue and Jules into one story and the drama between Maddy, Cassie, and Nate into another. Still, all of these high school students are connected in some way or another. Alexie Demie plays Maddy in Euphoria. The actor explained Maddy’s relationships with Rue and why she believed what Rue told her about Cassie and Nate.

Alexa Demie as Maddy in Euphoria Season 2. Maddy wears a black crop top and her hair in a low ponytail.
Alexa Demie as Maddy in ‘Euphoria’ Season 2 | Eddy Chen/HBO

Rue tells Maddy about Cassie and Nate in ‘Euphoria’ Season 2

Throughout Euphoria Season 2, Maddy’s best friend Cassie has been sleeping with her ex-boyfriend Nate Jacobs. Rue catches on to this when she sees Cassie get in Nate’s truck one night. In episode 5, Rue reveals this bombshell to Maddy while in the throes of withdrawal. Despite Rue’s condition, Maddy trusts that she is telling the truth.

Fans appreciated that Maddy didn’t discount Rue’s words in episode 5. “Along with being her glamorous self, Maddie has been the best friend of all the characters,” a Reddit user wrote. “She believed Rue even when Cassie said not to because she’s a drug addict.”

Alexie Demi explains Maddy’s history with Rue and why she trusted her

In an interview with Entertainment Weekly, Maddy actor Alexie Demie explained her character’s history with Rue, and why she immediately trusts that she told the truth in Euphoria Season 2. “With all the characters, we’re all from this small town and have all known each other for so long,” Demie began.

“And with that scene in particular, I don’t think Maddy sees Rue as a villain ever or a liar, and she doesn’t have the relationship Jules or any of the other characters have with her. She knows the history of Rue, but in that moment it feels so true to her. Rue seems so sincere in that moment.”


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“Her instinct isn’t to distrust Rue, Maddy has always liked Rue and has had empathy for her. She knows everyone’s f***ed up in their own ways and she doesn’t ever want to judge her, [so] in that moment it’s very easy for her to trust Rue. She also knows when Cassie is lying. Maddy may ignore a lot of things in her life that she doesn’t want to face, but she’s intuitive and intelligent.”

Will Rue make amends with her friends in ‘Euphoria’ Season 2?

Euphoria Season 2 Episode 5 saw Rue burn a lot of bridges with the people she cares about. Luckily, episode 6 shows her beginning to make amends with her mother, sister, and Ali. However, Rue yelled at Jules and Elliot, tried to steal drugs from Fezco, and revealed Cassie’s biggest secret.

She probably isn’t on good terms with many of her friends, so perhaps she will hang out near Lexi, Kat, or Maddy in episode 6. The promo for the new episode shows Rue watching Lexi’s play in the audience. She appears to be sitting near Kat and Maddy, as she makes a face when Maddy says, “Wait. Is this f***ing play about us?”

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