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The Euphoria Season 2 finale ended in tragedy for some characters. The police stormed into Fezco’s house in a scene that was very intense for some of the cast. Chloe Cherry is one of the newest actors to join Euphoria for season 2. Her character Faye hides out with Fezco and Ashtray throughout the season. When the police stormed into Fezco’s house, the scene felt pretty real to Cherry.

[Warning: This article contains spoilers for Euphoria Season 2 Episode 10.]

Euphoria star Chloe Cherry as Faye in an image from season 2 episode 9 of the HBO hit
Chloe Cherry | Eddy Chen/HBO

Chloe Cherry plays Faye in ‘Euphoria’ Season 2

Cherry joined the cast of Euphoria Season 2 as Faye, a drug addict who hides out in Fezco’s house after pushing her landlord off a building. As the season goes on, Faye’s boyfriend Custer decides to help the police investigate Fezco and Ashtray for Mouse’s murder. Faye clearly feels conflicted by this and in the season 2 finale, she makes a decision about her loyalties.

“Faye is kind of like that missing piece that Ashtray and Fezco never knew that they needed,” Cherry told HBO. “The way that he [Fezco] treats Faye really shows another side of him. He genuinely wants to be a good loving person but it’s the situation that we’re in sometimes. That’s why I wanted to save Fez.”

When Custer brings up Mouse to Fezco, Faye shatters a glass and subtly signals to Fezco not to say anything incriminating. Fezco realizes that the police are listening in. Unfortunately, Ashtray doesn’t get the memo. He stabs Custer in the neck, and the police show up minutes later.

Chloe Cherry and Angus Cloud said the police raid scene felt real

In the Euphoria Season 2 finale, the police burst through the door and immediately arrest Faye. They then head down the hallway, where they exchange fire with Ashtray who has locked himself in the bathroom. Fezco gets caught in the crossfire and even takes a bullet.

“Shooting the SWAT scene was super interesting,” Cherry told HBO. “It felt very real. There were a couple times where it was like kind of scary, and I was like, ‘Oh, I’m just gonna be like actually scared in this moment.'”


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Fezco actor Angus Cloud echoed how real the scene felt. “It was hectic,” Cloud told HBO. “They had the dust falling on our heads. It was crazy. It felt real. At one point I turned around and they had the guns pointed at me. I’m like, ‘Holy smokes.'”

‘Euphoria’ creator Sam Levinson said that the police raid scene was done safely

Despite how real the police raid scene looked and felt, Euphoria creator Sam Levinson ensured that the cast and crew were safe during filming. “There’s an enormous amount of precautions that go into it,” Levinson told HBO. “All of these things to ensure that we’re all doing it in a safe way, but that still allow us to do the work.”

All episodes of Euphoria Season 2 are currently streaming on HBO Max.