‘Euphoria’ Season 2: Some Fans Hate Elliot and Think He’s ‘Manipulative’

We have to talk about Euphoria Season 2. So, if you haven’t started watching yet, here’s your spoiler alert for season 2! And because this show’s storyline dabbles in topics related to substance use and drugs, which could be triggering for some, discretion is advised. We’re going to dive into what’s been happening in season two so far, especially with Elliot.

Dominic Fike as Elliot in Euphoria Season 2. Elliot wears a t-shirt and jacket. He has died-blond hair and a face tattoo.
Dominic Fike as Elliot in ‘Euphoria’ Season 2 | Eddy Chen/HBO

Fans of the show are grumbling online about Elliot, played by Dominic Fike. There is hatred growing for the character’s behavior, more particularly, how he’s becoming toxic and manipulative. Here’s why people are becoming disgusted with Elliot. And again, if you haven’t caught up with Euphoria Season 2, bookmark this read for later and get busy watching episodes one through four.

What the Reddit chatter suggests is so hate-worthy about Elliot

If you want to know what the fans really think about Euphoria, head over to RedditEuphoria enthusiasts gather and speculate about predicting where this quasi-controversial storyline will go next. And you’ll see across a variety of threads fans also have growing disdain for Elliot. Some think he’s rotten for enabling Rue so much with her ongoing drug addiction. Others despise Elliot’s behavior in episode three when he makes Rue and Jules insecure about their relationship during their sexuality conversation. 

It’s this conversation specifically that has Euphoria fans scratching their heads about Elliot’s motives. Jules tells Rue that she believes Elliot wants to sleep with her. Jules then drills Elliot about classifying his sexuality, which he won’t do, and discussing each of their promiscuous pasts. Rue gets insulted for not having the notches in the belt that her two friends do. But ultimately, this scene ends with the trio still clinging.

One Reddit commenter said, “I wanna see Rue with rehab, Jules with therapy, and Elliot with a passport so he can go away.” Another fan says, “you realize he’s manipulating Jules’s doubts about her relationship with Rue and talks down on Rue’s sexuality and experience.” And in this episode, Jules expressly tells Elliot she doesn’t trust him. Fans agree, “Smooth talker but something manipulative about him. Guess we will see.”

What are Elliot’s motives in this latest season?

Some are wondering if Elliot is secretly trying to break up Rue and Jules, as Yahoo explores. Despite his initial connection with Rue in Euphoria’s season premiere, come episode three, it’s clear Elliot’s relationship with Rue and Jules deepens. Fans are wondering if he wants to be the trifecta of friendship with the girls or if there is something more sinister on his mind.

Some are speculating that it’s not a “let’s all be friends” or “let’s split them up” scenario. Some insist that Elliot wants a next-level relationship with both Jules and Rue. Considering Elliot admitted to crushing on Rue before he and Jules hooked up, it’s clear he has his eyes on both Jules and Rue. Regardless of how you feel about Elliot, though, it’s clear he’s a catalyst character intending on changing something big.

Dominic Fike weighs in on his portrayal of Elliot

You may not like Euphoria’s Elliot, but there’s nothing but love for Dominic Fike, who plays the newly-despised character. Men’s Health offers a quick glimpse into who Fike is and his rise to stardom, including his initial success as a musician. Some of Fike’s earlier collaborations with Justin Bieber, Anderson .Paak, and Halsey, helped propel Fike into the spotlight.

Elliot’s role in Euphoria is definitely intended to put pressure on Jules and Rue’s relationship. But he walks both lines as the sole, non-harping, drug-using friend to Rue and attention-doling friend he is to Jules. Dominic Fike opened up about playing this role and how similar it harkened to his real-life experiences. Seventeen shared his previous public conversation about his personal drug use and past struggles. It’s those experiences that make playing a character like Elliot less like acting. Fike said, “he’s exactly like me.” 

Whatever your predictions for Elliot, it’s clear he has more up his sleeve than just hanging out with Rue and Jules. Only time will tell where the manipulative nature will take him.

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