‘Euphoria’ Star Angus Cloud on Working With the ‘F***ing Hilarious’ Eric Dane and Shooting That ‘Confusing’ Scene

Euphoria Season 2 is wilder than ever and a lot has happened in the first four episodes. Fezco got his revenge on Nate by beating him nearly to death. After that, Nate’s father Cal skulked around Fez, presumably plotting his revenge. It all culminated in a bizarre scene with Ashtray hitting Cal in the head with a gun. Fez actor Angus Cloud talked about filming the confusing scene and working with the man who plays Cal, Eric Dane.

Angus Cloud as Fez in Euphoria Season 2. Fez wears a striped shirt.
Angus Cloud as Fez in ‘Euphoria’ Season 2 | Eddy Chen/HBO

‘Euphoria’ stars Angus Cloud and Eric Dane

Eric Dane plays Nate Jacob’s father Cal in Euphoria. Cal is a complicated character who has had to hide certain aspects of himself for pretty much his whole life. Dane is a seasoned actor who played Dr. Mark Sloan in Grey’s Anatomy for quite some time. Fez actor Angus Cloud is much newer to the world of acting, and he had good things to say about working with Dane.

“I love working with Eric, man. He’s f***ing hilarious,” McCloud said of his co-star in an interview with Complex. “It’s cool to work with him because he’s been in the business for so long and, you know, I haven’t. It’s cool to see that even if you are in this as long as he has been, you still have some of those same struggles that I’m dealing with as a new actor and whatnot. [Like] I’m not the only one going through that or whatever, you know what I’m saying? He helps me out with that.”

Angus Cloud discusses filming ‘confusing’ scene in ‘Euphoria’ Season 2

In Euphoria Season 2, Cal skulks around Fez’s house after learning that he was the one who beat up Nate. However, Cal is under the impression that the fight happened because Fez had Cal’s sex tape with Jules.

Ashtray ends up holding Cal at gunpoint and bringing him into Fez’s house in episode 3. The trio have a very confusing conversation where Ashtray keeps hitting Cal in the head with a rifle. Eventually, Cal realizes that Fez didn’t know anything about the tape with Jules. Cloud discussed the confusing scene in an interview with Complex.

“You know, on the paper, it was confusing and it’s like, what’s going on? Everyone in the scene is confused. I think that’s really how it reads when you watch it, you know?” he told the outlet.

“But at the same time, we had to figure out—when we are rehearsing and when we’re shooting—how all of it should feel exactly. It’s always a lot different to read it and then actually make it come to life.”

Eric Dane also commented on the scene with Cloud in episode 3

Eric Dane had his own thoughts on the confusing scene in Euphoria Season 2 Episode 3. “It’s also interesting in that particular scene, the dialogue happening in a way that’s away from me, while I’m slowly figuring out that these guys know nothing about this tape,” Dane said in an interview with Entertainment Weekly.

“And they know nothing about my relationship with Jules. They actually know more about what’s going on with Nate and Jules than I did. So I’m utterly dumbfounded and confused by the whole thing. And I think the moment when, ‘F***, I didn’t need to even come in here in the first place,’ washes over his face. And then he finds out that his son is the one that’s really in love with Jules. The whole thing was just like, ‘Oh my God, this is a cluster***.'”

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