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For fans of Euphoria, Season 2 is long overdue. Production for the popular HBO drama was significantly delayed thanks to the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, and fans are itching to check back in with their favorite characters. While production for the sophomore season began months ago, it’ll likely be a while before the show premieres. However, the hints that the cast has dropped about Season 2 certainly make it seem like the upcoming season will be well worth the wait.

Euphoria Season 2 cast members Zendaya and Storm Reid
‘Euphoria’ cast members Zendaya and Storm Reid | Jeff Kravitz/FilmMagic for HBO

What can fans expect from ‘Euphoria’ Season 2?

Everyone from Zendaya to Sydney Sweeney has warned fans to expect the unexpected when it comes to Euphoria Season 2. The storylines and overall tone of the show are said to be much darker. Zendaya, who headlines the show, has shared that the new season will likely be particularly difficult for fans to watch. The show will also dive deeper into characters who fans may not have heard a lot from in the show’s first season.

Will Gia get more of a storyline in the upcoming epsiodes?

One character that fans are dying to get to know better is Gia. Portrayed by the talented Storm Reid, Gia is Rue’s younger sister. Like her older sister, Gia has experienced quite a bit of trauma, including watching her dad die, and discovering Rue after she overdosed. Fans of Euphoria are hoping that they get a chance to see things from Gia’s perspective in Season 2.

Though Reid has remained pretty tight-lipped about Euphoria, she did tease that Gia will have more of an opportunity to express herself authentically in Season 2. In an interview with Variety, The Suicide Squad actor revealed that Gia is breaking free a little bit more. “I did get to experience a lot of that in Euphoria, where everything is basically high stakes and very emotional — especially in Season 2,” she shared.

Storm Reid says her character is evolving in Season 2 of ‘Euphoria’

Continuing on, Reid shared that getting older influences the arc that her Euphoria character can have in Season 2 and beyond. “I think when we were filming the first season, Gia was, what, 15?” she recalled. “Even though I am 18 now, I don’t think Gia is quite there. But I think she will be evolving as a character and as a human and hopefully get her own episode and we start to see a little bit more of her storyline.”


‘Euphoria’ Season 2 Is Going to Look Very Different to Eagle-Eyed Fans

Though Euphoria fans may want to see more from Gia, Reid is happy that her storyline didn’t develop too quickly. In fact, that was one of her main fears when she first accepted the role. Ultimately though, she was happy with her character’s arc in Season 1.

“I had the concern of not knowing where they were gonna take Gia, in the first season, and not knowing if she was gonna be doing stuff that I didn’t want to do, at that moment, and taking her too fast,” Reid revealed to Collider. “But I feel like they played Gia’s timeline out amazingly.” We’re glad that Reid is happy with where Gia is headed. We’re sure fans can’t wait to see what’s next for her in Euphoria Season 2.