‘Euphoria’: Sydney Sweeney Feels ‘Cassie Needs to Get It Together’

Euphoria fans have been patiently waiting for season 2 for what seems like eons. Production for the sophomore season was put on hold thanks to the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic. But it looks like fans won’t have to wait much longer. Recently, HBO teased that a new season of the hit drama is coming soon. Additionally, Sydney Sweeney, who plays Cassie Howard on the show, says there’s only a “little bit” of the season left to film.

'Euphoria' Season 2 star Sydney Sweeney wear nude eyeshadow, a red lip, and a bright pink dress
‘Euphoria’ Season 2 star Sydney Sweeney | Rodin Eckenroth/WireImage

Though the Euphoria cast has been exceptionally tight-lipped about season 2, we’ve managed to gather a few details about the upcoming season. One thing that fans need to prepare themselves for is a darker and more intense season than the previous one. Zendaya even shared that the episodes will likely be difficult for fans to sit through because the characters go through so much.

Fans won’t be able to predict what happens to Cassie in ‘Euphoria’ Season 2

Sweeney has also dropped quite a few hints about Euphoria Season 2 throughout the last year. Because she’s been interviewed so much, thanks to her work on other projects, she’s had the opportunity to tease fans about the HBO project. Sweeney has shared that the sophomore season of the show has been shot on film. Furthermore, she’s revealed that she couldn’t have predicted what comes next for her character.

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Cassie was already somewhat of a loose cannon in the first season of Euphoria. We’re sure fans can recall the infamous merry-go-round scene when Cassie was self-pleasuring herself in front of a large group of people at a carnival. It seems that the doe-eyed blonde will get herself into more sticky situations in Season 2. Recently, Sweeney spoke with Teen Vogue and expressed her hopes for her character.

The ‘Night Teeth’ star wants her character, Cassie, to get it together

“Cassie needs to get it together,” Sweeney shared when asked what was next for her Euphoria character. “I have mental debates over Cassie, because I’m very much a hopeless romantic, teen heartthrob girl at heart, so sometimes I want what’s bad for Cassie because I know it’s what would make her happy. Even though it’s unhealthy or bad, that’s what her heart yearns for because I know how she would feel if she gets it. At the same time, I’m like ‘Oh my god, you need to stop everything, Cassie.’”

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Fans of Sydney Sweeney can spot her in other TV shows and movies while they’re wating for ‘Euphoria’ Season 2

Fans of Euphoria are likely chomping at the bit to see what’s next for Cassie. And while they’ll have to wait a bit longer for Season 2, there are plenty of opportunities to see Sweeney embody other characters. The actor can be seen in shows like Sharp Objects, The Handmaid’s Tell, The White Lotus, and more. Meanwhile, cinephiles can spot Sweeney in films like The Voyeurs, Clementine, and the upcoming film, Night Teeth. But, hopefully, we’ll have at least one new episode of Euphoria before the year is out.