‘Euphoria’: Sydney Sweeney Hopes Cassie ‘Raises Awareness for Others’

It’s hard to believe that Sydney Sweeney turned down her initial audition for Euphoria. Having come from a family that is more on the conservative side, the 24-year-old was nervous about how her loved ones would react to the show. But when the audition got sent to her again, she couldn’t pass on it twice. Sweeney was immediately drawn to the vulnerable Cassie Howard and put herself on tape for the role. Soon after, she learned that the part was hers.

Sydney Sweeney (Cassie) at the Euphoria FYC Event
Sydney Sweeney | Emma McIntyre/WireImage

Sydney Sweeney earned an Emmy nomination for her performance in ‘Euphoria’ Season 2

While Sweeney was an important part of Euphoria Season 1, she had an even bigger role in season 2. In the sophomore season of the show, Sweeney was able to take her character to extreme emotional heights. Fans and critics alike championed her ability to stay grounded whilst dealing with heightened emotions. In fact, Sweeney’s nuance earned her an Emmy nomination for her role in the show.

The Marvel movie star gets candid about her character, Cassie Howard

But while Sweeney received her fair share of praise for her performance, her character received some backlash. Many Euphoria fans felt that Cassie was being hypersexualized and that Sam Levinson (the show’s writer and creator) was using nudity gratuitously. However, Sweeney has shared that the way Cassie uses her body has roots in how her character has been treated and reflects what she’s been through. The Players Table producer explained this while speaking to The New York Times.

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“I hope people can look deeper inside of Cassie and see the struggles and the trauma that she has gone through, and why she is who she is,” Sweeney shared. “Because there’s a reason behind all of it. Does she want to put herself out there all the time? No. She does it because that’s what she thinks other people want from her, and that’s the only way that she’s going to be able to get what she wants from people.”

Sweeney hopes fans can learn from her ‘Euphoria’ character

Continuing on, Sweeney shared that she hopes people can learn from Cassie. “I think that shows how women feel and how they’re treated today,” she shared. “I hope that it raises awareness for others, and they’re more aware of how we’re being perceived, how young girls are being raised. And there’s a double side, because I also think there’s strength behind how she feels when she is naked or she’s showing her body. She communicates that way and there’s a beauty, there’s a strength and there’s a sadness with all of it. I hope people can see that.”

Clearly, Sweeney has a vision and deep understanding of her character. We’re sure fans are curious to see where Cassie goes next in Euphoria Season 3. As for Sweeney herself, she’s shared that she’d be all too happy to continue Cassie’s wild emotional ride.

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