Eva Mendes Embraces Getting Older In the Best Way Possible

Famous women have notoriously been savaged for how old they are, even before the age of the Internet. Social media now makes this worse. This is something actress Eva Mendes found out recently after being called out about her age.

Known for being an acclaimed actress, a fashion entrepreneur and the other half to Ryan Gosling, Mendes is openly and happily embracing her reality of being 46.

Recently, Mendes was trolled for her age. Her response was perfect. Not only did she defend her life with pride, but the talented actress also sent an empowering message about the intersection of ageism and sexism.

Eva Mendes has a diverse career

Eva Mendes in black
Eva Mendes | Getty Images

Back in the 2000s and half of the 2010s, Mendes was known primarily as a popular actress in movies and TV. Training Day was one of her big breakthroughs, leading to more roles in films like 2 Fast 2 Furious and Once Upon a Time in Mexico.

At the same time, Mendes was known as a superstar model, upping her stature when becoming an official spokeswoman for Revlon in the early 2000s as just starters. She even moved into the realm of singing for a time, usually releasing singles sung in some of her films.

Over the last five years, though, she’s moved more full-time into fashion designing (Eva by Eva Mendes), something that meant showcasing some of her designs on her Instagram account. It’s there where she’s become more vulnerable to typical social media bottom feeders who can’t resist making demeaning comments.

One of them had the audacity to called Mendes “old.” Yet the star took in stride with a smart rebuttal.

The actress was recently trolled

Once in a while, a specific online troll will say something blowing up into a bigger story in the media. Sometimes those people are named, bringing potential scorn in public, something more than a few would say is deserved.

Mendes isn’t one to waste her time losing her temper to people saying cruel comments to her on Instagram. Perhaps it’s a form of reverse psychology, but Mendes thanked the troll and told the person her age was a reminder she was still here.

Said Mendes in part: “I do not think it was a malicious comment, but I think it’s more dangerous because it wasn’t malicious because it’s just ingrained in society that getting older is something we should either fear or be ashamed of.”

Unfortunately, this was further proof age bias against famous women is still permeating in the world.

Eva Mendes may set a new bar for aging

What’s most important is Mendes’ comment on not feeling 46, which makes all the difference in how people react to age. With so many women still being successful in various fields long after 46, including more in Hollywood now, Mendes has a lot of people around her to support her stance.

She made it clear to the troll if they were trying to make her feel bad, they didn’t. Saying just this was the perfect way to fight back against those who want to get a rise out of notable people at any given chance.

Her comments are also a huge emblem for women in their 40s and the continuing reminder life and career don’t end at 40 in showbiz or business. Such a reminder seemingly needs to be instilled every few years as certain groups try to undermine.