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Evan Peters has starred in several seasons of the Ryan Murphy anthology series American Horror Story, and the actor revealed his favorite season of the TV show. Here’s Peters’ favorite season and episode of AHS and what he said about his character.

"American Horror Story" star Evan Peters smiles and holds a Golden Globe Award.
Evan Peters | Matt Winkelmeyer/FilmMagic

Evan Peters shared his favorite episodes of ‘American Horror Story’

Actor Evan Peters has appeared in nearly every season of the anthology TV series American Horror Story. In 2019, Peters ranked his favorite episode from each season for Entertainment Weekly

For season 1, known as Murder House, Peters chose episode 8, “Rubber Man.” The episode reveals the father of Vivien Harmon’s baby, who was previously only known as the mysterious man in a black latex suit. The rubber man was Peters’ character, teenage ghost Tate Langdon, who also happened to be Vivien’s daughter’s love interest.

Peters shared what he thought of the surprising reveal with Entertainment Weekly in 2011. “I was shocked, but I was also grateful,” he said. “I was thinking, ‘Wow, that’s pretty cool. I guess I have to slime up and put on the rubber suit.’”

He described what it was like to wear the uncomfortable costume. “It’s like you’re naked when you walk around set because it’s just a layer of latex,” Peters explained. “It’s frustrating to put on because you have to lube up basically because if it gets caught on your skin…so you make sure you’re all nice and slick and then you get in there. You have to wear a robe on set or a jacket, so you’re not too cold.”

Evan Peters previously revealed his favorite season of ‘American Horror Story’

Years before the actor shared his favorite episode from Murder House, Evan Peters revealed his favorite season of American Horror Story.

After filming AHS seasons 1-3, Peters was asked to rank each season of the show. “I always like the first one the best,” the actor told Vulture in 2014. Peters doubled down on his answer after filming several more seasons of AHS. “Season 1 was probably my favorite season,” he told GQ in 2018. “We didn’t know what it was, I didn’t know it was gonna be an anthology series, I didn’t know I was gonna be playing a different role. I didn’t know anything. I was just happy to have a job and happy to have a cool part, being in a show that was intense and sort of flipped everything on its head.”

Since he later told Entertainment Weekly that episode 8 was his favorite episode of season 1, fans can deduce that Peters’ all-time favorite episode of American Horror Story is “Rubber Man.”


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The actor opened up about the fan obsession with his season 1 character, Tate Langdon 

Evan Peters became a heartthrob after portraying Tate Langdon in the debut season of American Horror Story. In 2011, the actor opened up to Vulture about his terrifying character’s strange romantic appeal.

“I think that it’s fascinating,” Peters shared. “I mean, I think there’s something kind of sexy about Tate. There’s something that’s sexy about a guy who has the strength to kill somebody, but is also vulnerable enough to be in love.”

He opined that Tate’s female fans are drawn to the character’s extreme nature. “It’s just those two sides – like, I don’t know why, but women for some reason aren’t attracted to normal guys, like, guys who are in between,” Peters said. “But if you really take a step back and look at Tate, he’s insane. The way he loves Violet is creepy; it’s completely unhealthy. But I can see why they are attracted to him: He’s totally in love with Violet. And he’s a gangster.”