Evan Rachel Wood Net Worth and How She Became Famous

Evan Rachel Wood is known for her appearances in Thirteen and Westworld. Here’s a look at Wood’s net worth and career.

Evan Rachel Wood’s movies and TV shows

Evan Rachel Wood | Frazer Harrison/Getty Images
Evan Rachel Wood | Frazer Harrison/Getty Images

Evan Rachel Wood made her acting debut in the 1994 TV movie In the Best of Families: Marriage, Pride & Madness. She played the role of Little Susie. After that, she appeared in the TV movie Search for Grace. Wood landed her first recurring television role when she played the character Rose Russell in the series American Gothic from 1995 to 1996.

Wood made her film debut in the 1997 movie Digging to China. Her breakout role came in 1997 when she starred in the film Thirteen as the character Tracy Freeland. That same year she appeared in the movie The Missing. Her other acting appearances include roles in Running with Scissors, Once and Again, True Bloods. Wood joined the Westworld cast in 2016.

Evan Rachel Wood’s highest-grossing films

As of this writing, Wood’s highest-grossing film is Frozen II, with more than $1 billion in worldwide box-office earnings. Her other high-grossing films include The Ides of March, with more than $77 million in worldwide box-office earnings; Practical Magic, with more than $68 million in worldwide box-office earnings; and The Wrestler, with more than $46 million in worldwide box-office earnings.

Evan Rachel Wood uses her platform to put a spotlight on domestic violence

In a 2019 Today show interview with Maria Shriver, Wood described her crusade to extend the statute of limitations for pressing charges for domestic abuse. She wrote the Phoenix Act, which stretched the statute of limitations in California from three years to five. The act was signed into law in October 2019. Wood says she felt it was time for her to come forward with her story because she felt her story was powerful.

“I decided my story was powerful enough and I thought that my voice could be loud enough that it could actually be heard,” said Wood. In response to Shriver’s question about how a person can know their story is powerful, Wood said everyone’s story has power.

“Everyone’s story is powerful. Every survivor’s story is powerful.” Wood said she was a victim of domestic violence when she was a teenager and that it took her many years to able to label her experience as such. Wood also said this experience helped her realize there were a lot of injustices when it came to survivors of domestic violence.

Evan Rachel Wood’s work outside of acting

Wood’s entertainment career extends beyond acting. She also has credits as a director and writer. Wood made her directorial debut with the short film Queen. She also has a writing credit for this project. In addition, Wood has provided her talents for voiceovers. She has voiced characters in Frozen II, Flavors of Youth, Strange Magic, and The Reef.  

What’s next for Evan Rachel Wood

As of this writing, Wood has three projects in the works. The actress is slated to appear in Viena and the Fantomes, Queen, and One Thousand Paper Cranes.

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