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The first episode of the K-drama Eve set the stage for Ra-el as fans learned of her tragic backstory that led her to the path of revenge. Fans saw as Ra-el began her plan to entice Yoon-kyum, the CEO of LY Group and one of the people inadvertently responsible for her family’s demise. But Eve Episode 2 takes it further and reveals new details of how far Ra-el’s plan goes.

[WARNING: This article contains spoilers for Eve Episode 2]

Lee Ra-el and Yoon-kyum in 'Eve' Episode 2 dancing the tango.
Lee Ra-el and Yoon-kyum in ‘Eve’ Episode 2 | via tvN

In the first episode of ‘Eve,’ Ra-el begins her seduction

Ra-el grows up to become a refined, poised, and cunning woman who hides a dark secret. In the drama, fans are transported to three months before the present when Ra-el sets her plan in motion. Her first step? Catching Yoon-kyum’s gaze as she dances the fiery tango. So far, fans know she is 28-years-old, has a husband and a daughter, and is one of the kindergarten school’s “royal” parents.

Fans also learned that Ra-el’s husband once worked with Yoon-kyum in Buenos Aires years ago. What had fans gasping as Ra-el’s conviction was when she enticed her husband to have sex with her in a female dressing room. A flashback reveals that Ra-el purposely dropped her bracelet near Yoon-kyum.

Having already become enthralled by her, he goes to return it only to find her and her husband in the act. But the real kicker is Ra-el staring deeply into Yoon-kyum’s eyes as her husband ravishes her. Ra-el has set her trap, and it gets more intense in Eve Episode 2.

Ra-el interweaves herself into Yoom-kyum’s life unsuspiciously in ‘Eve’ Episode 2

Knowing about Ra-el’s backstory, Eve Episode 2 surprised fans as they met Ra-el’s supposed mother. Fans become well aware the woman is not the same person from Ra-el’s flashbacks, but the question of who she really is is a mystery. As Eun-pyeong looks into Ra-el after receiving the package, he learns Ra-el’s mother’s registration number is expired, and no one knows where she is.

Later in the episode, Ra-el furthers her plan and switches the backpack of So-ra’s daughter with someone else’s. It leads the parents and the children to learn her daughter wears diapers. It leads to a scuffle where Ra-el proposes a solution to the headmaster.

She meets with Soon-kyum at her dance studio and charms him. Yoon-kyum agrees to apologize to the parents and allow his daughter to attend ballet classes at Ra-el’s studio. Her plan is set in motion as she uses his daughter to meet with him and continue her seduction.

Fans also learned part of Ra-el’s plan was to learn about Yoon-kyum’s interests, like the tango and the bandoneon. By the end of the episode, fans learn Ra-el changed her name to Kim Sun-bin and does not acknowledge Eun-pyeong when he visits her. Ra-el’s “mother” is also in on the revenge plan. Fans finally see Ra-el’s revenge board full of the people she plans to destroy and photos of her husband in Buenos Aires with Yoon-kyum.

What led Ra-el to develop a 13-year revenge plan?


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Eve Episode 2 furthers the details of Ra-el’s past. In the first episode, fans learn her father was beaten to death by Pan-ro’s subordinate Jung-chul. Her father was forced to sign a contract marking him a company spy. But his refusal leads to his death and is publically announced as a suicide. Fan learned Pan-ro is corrupt and used his power to take over LY Group and Ra-el’s father’s company Jediks.

The second episode shows more with fans learning Ra-el’s father transferred company shares in her name. It leads to disaster as Ra-el learns her father’s right-hand man also betrayed him and forces her to sign away her shares.

Fans learn Jediks was Korea’s leading semiconductor company, with Ra-el’s father described as a “Bill Gates.” Ra-el’s father knew of Pan-ro’s connections and feared the worst after refusing to merge with LY Group.

Eve is available to stream on Viki.