‘Eve’ Episodes 16: Ra-el’s Revenge Plan Takes Its Final Blow & Tragic Death – Here’s What Happens in the Finale

Ra-el’s (Seo Yea-ji) revenge plan comes to an end in the K-drama. But did she achieve what she set out to accomplish in Eve Episode 16? The most-talked about K-drama reached its finale on July 22, with fans gasping in shock at the outcome. Ra-el makes her past known to the public as she accuses Yoon-kyum, So-ra, Pan-ro, and Jung-chul of murder. But chaos ensues and leads to the death of a leading character.

[WARNING: This article contains spoilers for Eve finale.]

So-ra loses her mind and goes after Ra-el and Yoon-kyum in ‘Eve’ Episode 16

The explosive finale has enough drama to keep fans on the edge of their seats. Ra-el accuses LY Group and its higher-ups of murder, kidnapping, illegal acquisition of Gediks, and more. But Ra-el must still battle with her heart. The finale opens with Ra-el and Yoon-kyum having escaped to his summer home.

Despite the pain they have caused each other, they no longer deny they have fallen in love. Ra-el tells Yoon-kyum her wish is to live peacefully, while he says he wants to love endlessly. But they are unaware of So-ra and Jung-chul on their way to kill them. As they arrive, they set their plan in motion by So-ra calling Yoon-kyum frantically.

She lies that she cannot find their daughter, which pushes Yoon-kyum to leave the villa long enough for Jung-chul to go inside. A fight breaks out as he is determined to kill Ra-el. While choking her, Yoon-kyum strikes him from behind. In the end, Yoon-kyum strangles him to death in self-defense.

They decide to deal with the murder as a break-in and self-defense at the suggestion of Eun-pyeong. So-ra watches and further breaks down as she has no one by her side. To make matters worse for her, she is informed the court has granted the divorce. With Yoon-kyum having given Ra-el a sedative to sleep, So-ra manages to kidnap her.

Yoon-kyum performs his final act of love for Ra-el in the K-drama finale

Eun-pyeong and Yoon-kyum realize Ra-el is missing and go after her. In a small scene, fans see Pan-ro slowly dying of malnutrition in the same cage Ra-el’s mother was in. Back in So-ra’s car, Ra-el wakes up and forces her to crash the car and gets wounded. Ra-el taunts her about never having had anyone to love her. So-ra tries desperately to kill her but is stopped by Yoon-kyum.

As Ra-el is taken away by Eun-pyeong, Yoon-kyum comes to a realization. After the pain he and his family have caused, Ra-el could never truly live in peace. He looks to Ra-el and drives him and So-ra through the road barricade over the cliff. Days later, news reports of the accident, and Ra-el wakes up from a deep sleep.

Eun-pyeong breaks the news that Yoon-kyum is dead. He died at the scene of the accident. Ra-el breaks down into heart-wrenching sobs at her loss. Eun-pyeong gives her the bandoneon left in his possession by Yoon-kyum before his death. Also, the tango book he dedicated to Ra-el.

In the aftermath, Yoon-kyum’s father is distraught to learn the news of his son. Out of bed, Ra-el and Eun-pyeong meet with So-ra’s bodyguard and lover. He must atone for his sins, lies, and promises to reveal everything in court. Fans learn So-ra is alive and in a mental institution.

Ra-el finds peace as she lets go of her past in ‘Eve’ Episode 16

Eve Episode 16 closes the book on Ra-el’s revenge story. She strikes her final blow when she visits So-ra at the institution. The doctor explains the accident caused her to lose her memories and go somewhat insane. When So-ra sees Ra-el, she is unaware of who she is.

Ra-el finishes her revenge by showing So-ra the jagged wounds on her face, taking away her beauty. She explains her memory loss is one she does not deserve but is to her advantage. Ra-el tells So-ra she killed her husband by her own hand. So-ra will live in a mental hell for the rest of her life.

Eve ends with Ra-el remembering the genuine moments she had with Yoon-kyum. She has one final meal with Eun-pyeong before leaving for Buenos Aires. The first place she and Yoon-kyum met and hoped to one day escape to. She takes with her the bandoneon.

Meanwhile, Eun-pyeong is unable to take on his old responsibilities and resigns. He says he misses Ra-el. The drama ends with Ra-el reading Yoon-kyum’s letter explaining he would have fallen in love regardless of knowing her past. He says their love was beautiful, even if it was a mistake. In Buenos Aires, Ra-el performs with eh bandoneon. Fans see Ra-el move on from her past and begin a new life. The post-credit scene has her and Yoon-kyum dance their last tango in a life that could have been.

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