Even Serena Williams Can’t Say No to Taco Night

Serena Williams has built an empire out of being an incredibly powerful sports star. She’s been the dominant figure in women’s tennis for two decades, become a business mogul with her own fashion line, and become a loving mother with a supportive husband. Williams is an untouchable superstar in a few ways, but she still has plenty in common with her fans. Just like the rest of us, Williams wants to eat tacos all the time.

Serena Williams smiling
Serena Williams | Manny Carabel/Getty Images

No one is living better than Serena

Serena Williams is winning at life in every possible way. She is, in the eyes of many fans and commentators, the greatest female tennis player ever. She holds the Open Era record for most Grand Slam titles (23), the most singles wins in major tournaments (351), and even won a tournament while eight weeks pregnant

You might think that being this great in so many aspects of her life while maintaining her physical prowess would require Williams to have a hyper-specific diet and routine to keep her in the best condition to perform on the court, similar to what Tom Brady does to stay in the NFL as an older athlete. Her workout routine is obviously more intense than your average person’s, but her list of favorite foods shows that she still enjoys the same meals that many of her fans love.

What are her favorite foods?

For Williams to be at her very best, she has to give her body the right fuel throughout the day. She mostly adheres to a plant-based diet these days, especially during the tennis season. She started eating this way in order to support her sister Venus after she was diagnosed with an autoimmune disease called Sjogren’s syndrome. Venus had to stick to a raw vegan diet to get back on the tennis court, and her loving sister helped her through this journey – while also having chicken or fish on rare occasions. As she recovered from a C-section after giving birth to her daughter, Williams cut out sugar entirely and even ate grass so she could get back on her feet faster. 

But once the off-season begins, her eating habits become much more regular. Moon pies are one of her favorite foods, and she will happily indulge in pizza and French fries from time to time. Her mother’s chicken, rice, and gravy dishes are also special to her. But none of these dishes seem to hold a deeper place in her heart than her favorite food: tacos. 

Williams has multiple posts on her Instagram about her love of tacos, and once said on Facebook that “Everyday I want tacos. I don’t know what to do? Is there help for someone that wants to eat tacos everyday?” Celebrities: they’re just like us

Serena is a relatable superstar

Williams’ taco cravings are an example of the qualities that make her such a popular figure. Despite being wealthier and more celebrated than the vast majority of her fans, she still gives the impression that she’s still down to earth and more relatable than other famous people

Serena has long been a champion of positive self-image for women with every body type under the sun. She’s dealt with a lot of unfair criticism over the years for how she presented herself. These comments were more often about racial bias than her actually doing anything wrong. Rather than get bogged down by the hate, she has risen above it and showed fans how to better love themselves.

She was also very open about the physical and mental struggles she went through during her pregnancy, and what living as a working mom is actually like from her perspective. Her comfort in discussing the stress, fatigue, and general difficulties that come with being a parent makes it easier for everyone to be more empathetic with themselves and the people around them.

Everyone wants different food depending on the situation. Sometimes, you want to be strict about your diet. On other days, you just have to get some tacos.