Ever Wanted to Work for Kris Jenner? The Momager Reveals the Key Characteristics She Looks for When Hiring a New Employee

Working for the Kardashian family is not for the faint of heart.

Over the years, the famous bunch has had many personal assistants and interns putting in some pretty strenuous work under their supervision.

Kris Jenner
Kris Jenner | JC Olivera/Getty Images

While being employed by the Kardashian-Jenners can expose a person to a life of glitz and glamour, it can also introduce them to extremely long days filled with nonstop tasks.

If this sounds like an ideal job to you, keep on reading to find out the characteristics Kris Jenner looks for in a model employee.

Jenner says employees learn a lot working for her

Some employers allow their workers to get a sense of the job they were hired for before they start taking on huge tasks. But when you work for the Kardashian family, you hit the ground running the second you land a position.

When one signs on to join the Kardashian payroll, they are expected to be on their A-game every minute of every day, and those who aren’t will find themselves out the door in the blink of an eye.

While previously sitting down with the Huffington Post, the KarJenner matriarch revealed that working for her is not a walk in the park.

Though being employed by the family comes with many different perks — especially a front-row seat to any Kardashian drama and antics — Jenner admits that her staff is expected to put in hard work.

Kris Jenner, Kourtney Kardashian, Khloé Kardashian, and Kim Kardashian West | Amy Sussman/E! Entertainment/NBCU Photo Bank

“I learned a lot in my life by paying attention and listening to how people around me worked,” the momager told the outlet in 2018. “And I think that given the opportunity, somebody could really learn a lot just being around me and the girls because it’s really nonstop, 24/7 brainstorming and creativity and just trying to get organized and really pack a lot into a day — being there nonstop with all engines blazing.”

Though all of her employees are expected to pull their own weight, Jenner reveals that her Personal Assistants are held up to a much higher standard.

In addition to being “trustworthy, discreet, flexible, and ready to work at all hours of the day,” Jenner’s golden rule when it comes to her PAs is that they must be kind.

“Listen, the reason that I went with Bumble is because it stands for some of the things that are important to me and that I also personally stand by, which is kindness and respect and equality, both on- and offline,” Jenner said while opening about her partnership with Bumble Bizz, an offshoot of the popular dating app she used to help find her next personal assistant. “And I think that they’re important qualities that I’m looking for in a personal assistant, just, you know, as a human being.”

Jenner only hires employees she feels have good energy

While it remains unclear if Jenner was able to find her next personal assistant, we can assume that she’s definitely done some hiring these last two years.

From employing nannies and assistant to help with her grandkids to bring on interns who want to learn the ropes of the industry, the momager has most likely been filling positions left and right.

Though she can easily hire someone to interview potential candidates, Jenner prefers doing this herself to get a sense of who she’s bringing onto the Kardashian payroll.

While conducting a recent interview with Khloé Kardashian’s clothing brand, Good American, Jenner reiterated that she hires those who give off positive energy and even shares the other characteristics she looks for when bringing on a new employee.

“Somebody who is, I love people’s energy,” she said. “Like when you feel somebody’s energy that’s really important to me. Somebody who’s outgoing and kind and organized, and you know, I think just willing to do just about anything. No job is too big or too small.”

If you can handle working all hours of the day for the Kardashian-Jenner clan and give off nothing but good vibes, being an employee of this famous family could definitely be your type of gig!