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Jinger Vuolo was crowned the Duggar family rebel by family followers when she was just a teen. An entire internet forum was named after her rebellious spirit when her facial expressions on the family’s show seemed to indicate she was very much over her parent’s strict rules and quirky way of life. It took many years for that rebellious streak to be truly realized. It officially has, though. Now 29, Jinger has penned a book denouncing the controversial Christian ministry she grew up in. The book also criticized many of her family’s strict rules. So, exactly what Duggar family rules have Jinger broken?

Jinger Vuolo now ignores the Duggar family rules about modest dress

The Duggar family rules around dress were often discussed on the family’s shows, 19 Kids and Counting and Counting On. Michelle Duggar once claimed that the family dressed extra modestly so they could draw attention to their “countenance” instead of their bodies. The girls in the family were not allowed to wear pants or shorts and certainly weren’t permitted to wear traditional swimsuits. 

Jeremy and Jinger Vuolo sit for an interview during an episode of 'Counting On'. Jinger has opted to break several important Duggar family rules with her own family.
Jeremy Vuolo and Jinger Vuolo | TLC/YouTube

Jinger was the first to break the Duggar family modesty rules. Shortly after marrying Jeremy Vuolo, Jinger appeared in a pair of jeans on Instagram. She has continued to break the family’s dress code ever since, pushing boundaries and playing with fashion. Jinger wears shorts, enjoys a good pair of denim, and has taken an interest in sneaker culture just like her husband. 

The mother of two isn’t against birth control or alcohol 

Jinger changed a great deal once she married Jeremy Vuolo. Those changes weren’t just made to the way she dressed, either. In her recent memoir, Becoming Free Indeed, Jinger revealed that her feelings about birth control and alcohol have changed. The mother of two wrote that she initially thought any birth control was wrong but no longer saw it that way. Jinger also no longer sees the consumption of alcohol as sinful, although she said she chooses not to imbibe. 

Jeremy Vuolo and Jinger Vuolo, wearing suit jackets and white shirts, appear at the 'Serengeti' premiere in 2019
Jeremy and Jinger Vuolo | Tommaso Boddi/Getty Images

Jinger isn’t the first to speak out in favor of some forms of birth control. While Jinger didn’t reveal if she and her husband use any form of birth control, Duggar family followers largely suspect she was the first to use family planning tools. Jill Dillard acknowledged using birth control to space her children while her husband, Derick Dillard, attended law school. More recently, Jessa Seewald mentioned that she doesn’t believe using certain forms of birth control is unbiblical. She made the statement in a recent YouTube video announcing her fifth pregnancy. 

Jinger has no plans to homeschool her kids 

Jinger grew up secluded from the outside world. Instead of attending a local public school, she was educated with her siblings at the family’s dining room table. Homeschooling was more than just an educational choice for the Duggars. It was a deeply embedded part of their religion. Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar fully expected their children to follow in their footsteps and opt to homeschool their children. While some are doing just that, Jinger has no plans to do the same. 


Jinger Vuolo Admits She Now Laughs at Duggar Family Courtship Rules

Jinger and Jeremy share two daughters. Felicity Vuolo, 4, and Evangeline Vuolo, 2, are not yet kindergarten age. Once they are ready for school, their mother won’t educate them at home. Jinger told the New York Times that she and Jeremy do not plan to homeschool their children. The admission is another massive break from the Duggar family rules. 

Jinger won’t be the first to break the Duggar family’s homeschooling rule, though. Jill Dillard shocked family followers when she enrolled her eldest son, Israel Dillard, in a public school for kindergarten. Whether he is still being educated in a public school after the family’s recent move is unclear, though.