Every K-Drama Premiering in November, Where to Watch and What We Know

As October ends, November will be every Korean drama fans’ dream come true. The month is full of new K-dramas that have been highly talked about and will stream on popular platforms like Netflix and Viki. While Squid Game dominated the month of October along with other K-dramas, November shows incredible promise with K-drams like Hellbound and One Ordinary Day.

The long list of upcoming dramas includes notable actors Yoo Ah-in, Song Hye-kyo, Jang Ki-yong, and many more. K-pop fans can also rejoice as the list of K-dramas has 2PM idols Junho, Taecyeon, and NU’EST’s JR in his first K-drama. Here is a comprehensive list of what drama to keep an eye on, what they are about, and where to stream.

'Secret Royal Inspector & Joy' November K-drama with characters wearing traditional Korean clothing
‘Secret Royal Inspector & Joy’ actors Taecyeon and Kim Hye-yoon | via tvN

‘Secret Royal Inspector & Joy’ stars Taecyeon and Kim Hye-yoon in the leading roles

Back in May, it was confirmed 2PM’s rapper and actor Taecyeon would star in a historical-comedy K-drama alongside Extraordinary You star Kim Hye-joon. Secret Royal Inspector & Joy tells the story of Ra Yi-eon (Taecyeon), who is forced to become a royal inspector and travel to different provinces to uncover corruption. In reality, he would rather stay home and eat delicious food.

Kim Jo-yi (Kim) becomes part of his team after she decides to divorce her husband. Taking control of her own life, she breakk the rules of a Joseon woman and becomes Yi-eon’s partner. Secret Royal Inspector & Joy will premiere on Nov. 8 and stream on Viki and iQiyi.

‘Hellbound’ is Netflix’s next big sucess

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Hellbound will follow the story of new supernatural phenomena on Earth. A rising cult leader foretells a new world order where emissaries from Hell give the condemned prophecies of their death. When time runs out, the emissaries hunt down their prey and burn them to death.

Intermixed in the K-drama’s story is a production director who wants answers to the new cult leader and supernatural events. A lawyer also fights against the cult’s followers who use the new reality for power and entertainment. Hellbound will premiere on Netflix on Nov.19.

‘The Red Sleeve’ is a complicated romance between a court consort and the king in November K-drama

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The Red Sleeve will star 2PM vocalist Junho in a new historical-romance K-drama. The King of Joseon puts love and feelings aside and focuses on the success and prosperity of his people and kingdom. Seong Deok-im (Lee Se-young) is a court lady to the king. She vows to maintain the life she chose and not become another of the King’s many women.

When Deok-im crosses paths with the King, it sparks a dangerous and secretive romance neither characters can deny. The King starts to feel butterflies and emotions he has never felt before but tries to stay levelheaded and not let love affect him. The Red Sleeve will premiere on Nov. 12 and stream on Viki.

‘Melancholia’ tells the story of a romance between a math teacher and a math prodigy

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The November K-drama Melancholia breaks social norms and focuses on a brewing relationship with a significant age gap. Melancholia takes place in a private school that has its dark secrets and corruption. Ji Yoon-soo (Im Soo-jung) is a new math teacher who meets the school’s lowest-ranked student, Baek Seung-yoo (Lee Do-hyun).

Seung-yoo shows no interest in school until Yoon-soo realizes he might have a passion for mathematics. Their teacher-student relationship starts to become something more and forbidden by society. According to Soompi, they “fight to overcome social conventions and prejudices together.” But, Seung-yoo has a secret from his past. Melancholia will premiere on Nov. 10 on Viki.

‘Happiness’ takes survival to new heights in a November thriller K-drama

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The idea of survival at all costs is evident in Happiness. The tenants of a building are quarantined inside when an infectious outbreak emerges. “The drama will depict the fear, psychological battles, and desperate struggles for survival that ensue,” said Soompi.

Unlike other apocalyptic dramas, Happiness takes place in the near future, where viruses are the norm. When a never-before-seen virus turns people into bloodthirsty monsters, the tenants not only have to stay alive but deal with the psychological battles of class discrimination. Happiness will premiere on Nov. 5 and stream on iQiyi.

‘Let Me Be Your Knight’ is JR from NU’EST’s first K-drama

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Let Me Be Your Knight will be a fun treat for K-drama fans who like a music element to their storylines. The November K-drama centers around a popular fictional K-Pop group called LUNA. Their lead singer Yoon Tae-in (Lee Jun-young) has become a sleepwalker.

Tae-in tries to solve his condition in secret and gets help from a live-in doctor, In Yoon-ju (Jung In-sun). But, Tae-in is unaware the doctor who lives in the dorms is not who she says she is. The K-drama will also interweave each band member into its storyline. Let Me Be Your Knight will premiere on Nov. 7 on iQiyi.

‘Now, We Are Breaking Up’ tells the dreamlike story of love and breakups in a November K-drama

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The upcoming November K-drama initially received attention because of its male lead actor Jang Ki-yong. His agency announced the actor would be enlisting for his mandatory military service after filming the drama. To make up for his absence, the production team recorded the K-drama’s press event in advance.

Now, We Are Breaking Up tells the story of a cold-hearted but realistic design team leader who meets a freelance and handsome photographer. In the drama’s first still images, its love at first sight between the two characters. But, the drama promises trials and tribulations that come with breakups and love. Now, We Are Breaking Up will premiere on Nov. 12 on SBS.

‘One Ordinary Day’ is a remake of a British crime series

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One Ordinary Day is a short 8-episode K-drama about a young college student accused of murder. The K-drama is a remake of the popular British series Criminal Justice. It’s Okay to Not Be Okay actor Kim Soo-hyun stars as Kim Hyun-soo. Hyun-soo’s life is destroyed when he becomes entangled as the prime suspect in the murder of a young woman.

Hyun-soo pleads innocent, but the authorities refuse to believe him. An unpopular lawyer, played by Cha Seung-won, comes to defend him but does not want to know any of the facts of what happened that night. According to Soompi, the K-drama trailer has “Shin Joong-han laughing mischievously, piquing curiosity about his intentions.” One Ordinary Day will premiere on Nov. 27 on Coupan Play.