‘Everybody Loves Raymond’ Fans Are Still Annoyed by These Continuity Errors

Everybody Loves Raymond was a successful show by many measures. Fans connected to the Barone family because the scenarios they dealt with seemed realistic enough to be true. More often than not, they were true. Storylines were often ripped directly from the lives of the actors and the show’s writers. Still, Everybody Loves Raymond episodes were not without their issues. Fans of the famed series have noticed several continuity errors that still annoy them today.

Did Debra say yes to Raymond the first time he proposed or after several tries?

When Everybody Loves Raymond opens, Ray and Debra are already married and living on Long Island. He is a sports columnist, and she is a stay-at-home mom to their three kids. During the show’s 210 episodes, several flashback scenes give fans a glimpse into their early relationship and marriage. In those flashback scenes, a continuity error about Ray’s proposal becomes apparent. 

In one present-day instance, Ray suggests he had to wear Debra down before she agreed to marry him. The couple suggests Ray proposed multiple times before Debra accepted. In a flashback scene, Ray proposed to Debra in his very first sports column. Based on that scene, Ray only needed to propose to Debra once before she accepted. Fans are still having a hard time rectifying the issue in their minds.

‘Everybody Loves Raymond’ fans want to know why Robert Barone’s dog, Shamsky, disappears without a mention

Robert Barone was thrilled when Ray finds a dog that looks just like the dog he had to give away when they were kids. Shamsky, an English bulldog, becomes the center of Robert’s world, more or less. He lived with him at Frankie and Marie’s house and followed him to two different apartments. Just as inexplicably as he showed up, he disappeared.

Peter Boyle, Doris Roberts, Ray Romano, Patricia Heaton, Brad Garrett, and Monica Horan pose for promotional photos ahead of the release of Everybody Loves Raymond episodes
The cast of ‘Everybody Loves Raymond’ | Monty Brinton/CBS Photo Archive via Getty Images

Shamsky appeared in nine Everybody Loves Raymond episodes during the first three seasons. The Barones never mentioned him again. According to Fandom, the dog who portrayed Shamsky died suddenly. Instead of replacing him, they simply wrote the dog out of the series. That is understandable, but fans are bothered by the fact that the dog just disappeared and was never mentioned again, though.

Amy’s has one brother, but he has two different names

When Amy MacDougall’s brother is first introduced, his name is Russell, and he lives in New Jersey. The early incarnation of Amy’s brother lives on his own and owns a comic book shop. Later, Amy’s brother, Peter, is introduced. Unlike the first version of the character, Peter is still completely dependent on his parents and has seemingly, never left Pennsylvania.

The two characters were markedly different, but they had one thing in common. Both Peter and Russell were incredibly strange and eccentric. When Amy’s brother was named Russel, Paul Reubens took on the role. Chris Elliot took over the role when Russell became Peter. Everybody Loves Raymond fans are torn on whether they like the continuity error. One Reddit user suggested that they enjoy the fact that such continuity errors confuse casual viewers.

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